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  1. mcallan

    Fastest rider

    Bubbba is the fastest you cant deny it!
  2. mcallan

    Well, I started P90x today...

    I just got it and just need to get the weights and other accessories. Im excited! Im only 16 but want to get big, or in great shape either way im happy. Anybody have before and after pics, i just don't know if i can believe the ones on the commercials lol.
  3. Thats probably the best picture ever lol. Do you have the video link?
  4. mcallan

    X Games 15

    That would be great!! for the people like me who just found out they don't get ESPN!
  5. mcallan

    CRF 50 70ft

    i dont see anything? And i really want to!
  6. mcallan

    The scumbags got me lastnight

    It doesn't cover our bikes and there locked up in our garage.
  7. Haha sorry i am 5'9 not 6'9, And thank your guys for your input its helping me decide.
  8. mcallan

    Can you do this whith a 4T?

    yep i can do that with my pit bike and outboard boat motor
  9. I was thinking about selling my bike a 2001 kdx 220 with pro circuit pipe and silencer, And getting a 125 or 250 smoker with the money for the sale. I first bought the kdx when i was only trail riding but shortly after i started riding tracks with friends and jumping a lot and i realized the kdx inst the right bike for that and i want a light flickable bike. I wont be keeping the bike for long maybe a year (saving all my money for my first vehicle a truck of course to haul the bike around) After that i will put all my money into a pretty much brand new bike. Im not sure if the 125 will be to underpowered and i will get bored of it, Or if the 250 will be to much power for me to handle. what do you guys think? I and 6 foot 9 and weigh 160 pounds. Thanks
  10. mcallan

    Powervalve set up 01 kdx 220

    lol thanks it had what we needed to know i was riding the kdx tonight
  11. Well we took apart the kdx to see what was going on with the piston and now were putting it back together but we dont have the manual and my dad does not know the specs to set the power valve up. Does anybody know a site to show us how to do it? Thanks alot in advance
  12. mcallan

    start line dancing

    ahaha thats great
  13. mcallan

    last weekends ride

    Very sweet pictures
  14. mcallan

    What brand of 250f

    Thanks guys i think im gunna look more for a kawi and ktm.
  15. Hey guys I am 5'9, i weigh 160 without gear, i ride 70 % track 30 % trail i don't race competitively, just with friends every weekend and whenever i can get a chance, i am coming off a 2001 kdx 220 with a pro circuit pipe set up. I am looking to get a 250f from 2005 - 2008 and i am not sure what to get, is it just pick a color and go or is there a difference between them other than the plastic lol. And well i am at it is there any good tips that i can use when checking out used bikes? Thanks in advance.