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  1. redroosta

    Looking for new bike

    I really dont want to convert my bike. Looking for a bike thats ready to go out of the box. The drz is a little weak in the power department. Plus I'm not that handy so i;d have to pay someone to do the conversion. Plus you know as well as I do when you start changing things from stock you usually run into problems.
  2. redroosta

    Looking for new bike

    I currently have an '06 drz 400s. I'm riding almost 100% street right now. I'm looking to get a new supermoto, but not sure which one to go with. I like my drz, but was looking more towards the aprilia or the husqvarna, or for the money should I just get a drz sm? Any info would help greatly. Also there is a good price difference btween the three bikes, are any of them worth the extra coin. Aprilia 450 msrp is like $8500, Husky 450 msrp is $7400, and Suzuki sm 400 is $6200.
  3. redroosta

    Cops on the Z??

    They've been riding them in the Fresno area for atleast 3 years now, as Lazarus mentioned above. I have also seen them down by the river too. I wonder how long they've had them? I talked to one at the gas station a couple of years ago and the only mods he said it had was jetting and air box mod. No pipe or gearing.
  4. redroosta

    Gas Mileage on the street- what do you get?

    I would just like to appologize if it came across like I was calling anyone a liar about their mpg's. You guys are my homies and I appreciate all the feedback.
  5. redroosta

    Gas Mileage on the street- what do you get?

    Hey Chicken Not knowing what is done to your bike is relevant to the questions being asked. I'm not calling anyone a liar, just hard to believe the mpg's some of you get. Why not next time try to post something useful or helpful instead of posting something completely irrelevant, ie: what you do for a living or your biggest problem. And why be so rude for no reason?
  6. redroosta

    Gas Mileage on the street- what do you get?

    It sure is funny how many different mpg's everyone is reporting. Nothing seems to be consistent. I dont believe some of you guys get 75mpg. That would be twice as much as what Im getting. Now is this because I weigh 240? Does the Cali smog have anything to do with mpg's? Even when I researched purchasing my bike there was a write up in one of mags that held true to the mpg's Im getting. I want better mileage. I have an '06 S stock any suggestions?
  7. redroosta

    Windy Riding

    Here in the central valley (fresno) it has been pretty windy. Exactly what mph, I dont know. But riding on the freeway is kinda hairy. Sometimes it feels like I'm going to be blown right off the road. Does anyone else experience this when riding in windy coditions? Now I imagine if the wind was strong enough it could blow you off the road. Has anyone ever crashed or heard of anyone crashing due to wind. ( where are you Chicago guys at? ) Oh- 2006 S, stock
  8. redroosta

    Gas Mileage on the street- what do you get?

    Man, how are you guys getting that much mileage? I hit reserve at around 75. 80 if im lucky. that is in town. I live 50 miles from my work so i get gas twice a day (stock tank ) I need a bigger one but all this talk about leaky tanks has me shy. Are there any reports on the clark 3.9 leaking. or that big acerbis
  9. redroosta

    Saw the new KTM at Chapparell in San Bernardino

    I agree about the "Cadillac" feel. To me good suspension is just as important as power or maybe just for the kind of riding I do (Pismo,Hollister,Gorman). I've got a buddy runnin full Elka suspension on an '88 250r Honda w/ a 310 kit from Eddy Sanders. Powervalve, full exhaust,and all the other etc's. I love rinding his bike (even if its a 2smoke) the combo of power and suspension is dialed perfect. The two go hand in hand.
  10. redroosta

    Saw the new KTM at Chapparell in San Bernardino

    Ive been reading about it in the usual mags and it looks pretty sweet, but Im more than happy with my 450. But there is something about a ktm.
  11. redroosta

    New LTR 450 Help me set it up for racing.

    Maybe change the gears? EFI controller? Trinity racing has nice looking items. I've heard nothing but good stuff about them.
  12. redroosta

    Best Exaust???

    Ive heard that the big gun is irritatingly tinny and loud. I also heard that they need to be repacked more often. The yosh ti is probably the absolute best, but for the price of the muzzy it might make you think? And by the way this is my 100th post. Hooray for me!!!
  13. redroosta

    Help me decide Please

    One of my buddies has a Polaris predator 500 he loves it. It has Fox shocks as well. Ive only ridden it once on the dunes and it was cool. He bought it used, but like brand new, a couple of years ago for like 2g's below new.
  14. redroosta

    Help me decide Please

    Cataway- thanks alot. 13&38 gears are what im gonna do next then. Seat hasnt got to me yet, But hell im used to that stock drz seat. Any suggestions on an air cleaner? I see u use a k&n. Do you like it would you buy it again? Ive got the 8 paddle haulers though already. Am I still cool or should i get the 6? Thankx again Cataway!!!
  15. redroosta

    Help me decide Please

    Waste time on facts? Facts are what im asking for. And why are you being so sarcastic with your responses- do you suffer from 450 envy. The only thing i diagree on is a 400 spanking a 450 modded or not!!!