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  1. curtiss938

    KLX110 flat tires

    Where can i get a nice rim lock thats yellow?
  2. curtiss938

    KTM105 vs KX100

    I dont know bout motor wise but graphics.... i mean ktm aint changed there ugly ones up much in a loong time.
  3. curtiss938

    KTM105 vs KX100

    I would get to kx. I seen a post on up where sumone said Green looks better! i agree with you Ktm hasnt changed there ugly graphics in a loooong time!
  4. curtiss938

    Pics From A51 This Past Weekend 7-1-07

    Thats a nice track right there, where is it located?
  5. curtiss938

    08 kx250f modded her a litte :)

    Nice Bike... I am wanting a 08 bad but maybe i will get one next month! the shop wotn take my 07 for a trade in till they have more room:blah:
  6. curtiss938

    Monster Mountain, Alabama

    I am gonna make the trip down that way pretty soon. I have heard alot of good stuff about that track.....If it gets good rough and rutty im headed that way really soon!
  7. curtiss938

    Buying a 2004 yz250f?

    These Bikes have tougher motors then the 06 and 07. they last a lot longer IMO.
  8. curtiss938

    Manual Clutch kit?????

    can you tell me where u found these clutches? im thinking bout getting 1 also just 4 fun. i like to put new things on my pitbike. thanks!
  9. curtiss938

    ttr90 gastank?

    can some 1 please tell me were to find a ttr90 gas tank ? ive looked on ebay. i need 1 bad!
  10. curtiss938

    bent renthals

    i have always race renthals untill 2 weeks ago i fianlly got me a set of pro tapers cause i bent my renthals in a race it was pretty low sped also but it went flipping down a hill and bent the renthals and i could thought i read they dotn bend somewhere but ohh well.now i got me a set of tapers!
  11. curtiss938

    Alessi is going to be racing M.A.M.A. and Delmarva MX!

    some 1 needs to show him how to run on your local tracks. wouldn't that be nice to say you beat mike alessi!!
  12. curtiss938

    Hurricane graphics are on my '06...

    very nice looking bike man.I have thought about doing my 05 250f in that.
  13. curtiss938

    Stewart too honda ?

    i have no idea were he will end up but i like seeing the top dawgs switching bikes it makes it interesting
  14. curtiss938

    pros on stock bikes

    i have always thought the same thing. i mean dang man i bet james and ricky could still fly though. I would also like to see nico izzy and peopel at lorettas on showroom bikes that would be so awsome!
  15. curtiss938

    My new helmet paint job!

    thats a cool looking helmet and all. way to plain for me though.