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  1. benhurmx

    07 crf150r jetting

    Hi, after a lot of trials and error, i Replaced stock 07 jets/needle with 08. Right now runs almost perfect . Had to change the pilot from 38 to 45 though as the 38 was too lean. The only concern is that i am using the flex fuel screw at to 3 & 1/2 turns out. Should i increase the pilot size to get around 2 turns out on the fuel screw or leave it this way.
  2. benhurmx

    Any adults riding these?

    Should be fine for trail and light mx riding ( you have options for stiffer suspensions if need be). I presume you're keeping the YZ for more serious track riding. The combination of power , suspension and size makes the crf150r so much fun. I have an rm250 for motocross, and i love riding my daughter crf150r on trails.
  3. benhurmx

    07 crf150r jetting

    Are you sure it not an accelerator pump/circuit issue ?? In my case, my problem is an off idle issue, the pilot jet is at 45 (am at sea level, south florida) right now and the fuel screw is 4 turn out( off idle not crisp, mid to top fine; needs to open throtle to start it while hot); the pilot jet in the 08+ is 38 ( leaner) although mine seems to want a bigger pilot ?? Will the 08+ needle affect off idle performance ??? Regards
  4. benhurmx

    07 crf150r jetting

    what were the bike symptoms ?
  5. Hi, I was trying to remove the crankshaft hole cover to get top dead center ( valve clearance). I tried to use a 10mm allen wrench, seem to have a little play and started to chew up the hole socket under pressure. Is it the right size ?? is there a way to remove the cover if the socket is chewed up. Thx
  6. benhurmx

    07 crf150r jetting

    Hi, I recently bought a 07 crf150r for my daughter. Wasn't running well off idle. Cleaned carb, still was having same issues. After reading many posts i replaced the stock pilot jet size (40) with a 45. Nothing changed. replaced fuel mixture screw with an r&d flexible one, same issues with fuel screw turned out 2 & 1/4 turn, had to open screw to 4 & 1/2 turn to got proper off idle response, the bike runs fine with that setting, but is it normal ? I am in south florida usually i jet lean in this location. I did not check the valves yet, will tight valves impact fuel jetting ? Should i try a size 50 pilot jet or keep the existing one ? What will cause the pilot jet to run richer ? Thanks
  7. benhurmx

    Suzuki RM250 (2002)


    2002 RM 250.
  8. benhurmx

    Suzuki RM250 2002

    2002 RM 250.
  9. benhurmx

    dirt bike riding reggae style

    I love roots reggae music and dirt bikes too. Nice video and nice song too. Looks like you were having fun.
  10. benhurmx

    Private Track

    Sound is good ! Track is nice, fast and has some big jumps. A little bit narrow IMHO. Ride safe and HAve Fun .
  11. Looks like a fun track! Like in between a motocross and a fun supercross track.
  12. benhurmx


    I liked this Video, thanks for sharing it.
  13. benhurmx


    Very nice. Good he was on the gas it saved the landing.
  14. benhurmx

    Go pro Mania from Sweden !

    nice rolling motocross tracks. You become a better rider when you practice on different textured tracks. For some reason i like the first sandy track. How long is the motocross season in Sweden ? Nice videos, thanks fot sharing.
  15. benhurmx

    my first win

    Congrats for the win ! Lot of improvement for only one year of riding. NIce track.