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  1. Anyone ride up around Sequoia Lake near Kings Canyon. LIf you could let me know where to go an how many trails there are that would be great. Just drop me a PM.
  2. I am getting ready to install the TT kit. I only have one question? Is this going to be like taking the smog equipment off your car in a few years. I ride in our National Forest and I hope that Forest Rangers will not be out there looking for these mods and telling you that you cant ride without them. Just a thought, but mine is still coming off.
  3. If you get any good information please forward it to me. I go to Bass Lake alot and a new place to ride is always great to find.
  4. Visalia, South of Fresno
  5. I live in Visalia, I have heard there are places up around Shaver to ride is this true? I have been to Miami Trails but never up around Shaver.
  6. I have a Polaris MSX140 watercraft and what a difference the EFI made over my Carb'd Waverader. Smooth and they start easy. And more power at higher altitudes (no re-jetting).