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  1. kainaxe

    525 SMR Rebuild?

    Hello everyone Have a question concerning rebuilding my motor on 525 SMR. I was driving it several weeks ago at high speeds and I apparently held it at or above Redline for around a minute or so. Following this, the engine seemed to immediately be bogged down and it felt like there was a reduction in power. When I got the bike home, I changed the oil, checked the valves, and did some tune up procedures. I believe that there was some signs of overheating such as gunky oil. When I initial cranked the engine up, some fresh oil spewed out of one of the oil drain lines that exits to the ground. Anyway after doing this, I ran the bike around the block and it seemed back to normal so I decided to go on a further ride. Ten minutes into the ride, oil started spewing out of the same drain line all over the bike...there also seemed to be a severe leak near the countershaft sprocket. My buddy driving behind me also noticed white exhaust smoke as well.....sooooo ... I am thinking that I blew a head gasket. Is this correct or is there more? What about the leak from the countershaft sprocket area? and what do I exactly need to replace/rebuild? any help would be great, thanks kain
  2. Fixed it problem...seems to be the carbon canister...unplugged it and all is well...strange indeed though that this problem seems to occur much and they still are using these canisters. anyhow, to all you helped..thanks kain
  3. Jeff On that Carb Canister...did you have the complete canister removed or merely remove the hoses attached to it? If just the hoses, which ones? The large and small one on the top that come together in a T junction or the medium size hose that runs by itself? thanks kain
  4. Hello Guys I appreciate all the suggestions thus far; however... I left the drain bolt off on the catch can all last night...nothing came out to my knowledge. I screwed the gas cap on tight and pulled the hose from the petcock to see if an air vacuum may be preventing gas flow to the carbs: the flow was smooth and continuous for around a minute...after which I turned it off. I tried driving around this morning with the gas cap off and then with the gas cap on to see if perhaps the vacuum was only occurring while riding...at first I thought the bike seemed less likely to die with the cap off, however this afternoon, on my return trip on a new tank of gas, the bike was hesitating while I was riding (gas cap off). Although it never died on the return trip, I felt completely random periods of hesitation in the engine speed while riding. I dont get it. Could this be a symptom of newer engines and perhaps I just need to break in the motor more? The only other thing I can think of is that perhaps some junk got in the tank/carb prior to the start of the problem. I will try and check out the carbon canister (Thanks Jeff) but Any other ideas? Thanks guys Kain
  5. what catch can are you referring to? I guess you are referring to the black can where all the carb hoses go to, I unloosened the drain bolt and nothing came out; however I will leave it off overnight to be sure. Will see what happens tomorrow. Thanks guys kain
  6. hello all The time between engine kills depends...today it happened every 5 minutes or so. Yesterday I felt the hesitation while I was riding but it only happened once during two-15minute sessions of riding. I will check on that house kink tomorrow. Will also dump the gas just to be sure though. Thanks for the response guys, will let you know what happens. kain
  7. Hello all Had a question about my 07 525 EXC (JD kit installed) with a little over a hundred miles on it. I noticed recently that when driving on-road in town at fairly steady speeds (i.e. 25-50mph, based on the spd limit), the engine dies. I then have to either attempt a rolling start or at times, pull over to the side of the road and give it a couple seconds, then hit the starter. I haven't had this problem prior to a week ago, before I started riding it through town. The only things that have changed on the bike is a new tank of gas, riding conditions (through town), and cool temperatures. IMO, It seems to be dying from lack of gas. Could carb icing be a problem in temps ~ 40-50? Is it more likely bad gas or a result of being a new engine? Or is something else to be the culprit that I'm not seeing? Any suggestions would be great thanks guys kain
  8. thanks for the replies. I will put on the JD kit this weekend and see how it goes.
  9. Hello all Got my 525 EXC this past week and have been focusing on the break-in procedure. Anyway after two warm ups and returns to ambient temperatures, I warmed the bike up and took it for a short ride being sure to constantly vary the throttle. The bike had a tendency to always die at quick stops (while at operating temps) and have exhaust "popping" during engine braking. After the ten minute ride, I also noticed that the header has a random spotted discolored pattern...My friend has an 525 SMR and his head pipe has a nice smooth continuous color change from blue near the head to an orange towards the middle of the pipe. I have read that a JD jet kit is highly suggested as the bike runs lean. Will riding my bike during the break-in process without this kit be harmful to my bike? And is this spotted discoloration normal or a result of the lean jetting. Any help would be great, thanks guys Kain
  10. kainaxe

    New 525 EXC Owner

    Thanks guys I paid $7900 OTD in Alabama...that included a right mirror as the dealer only said that the left mirror was Stock Equipment. Will have to get the radiator installed ASAP to.
  11. Hello All Just wanted to say that come Jan 5th, I will be the proud owner of a 2007 525. I spent a lot of time fighting over the EXC or the DR as I wanted something street legal; however I finally decided putting a down payment on the EXC as it has more to offer...I got it out the door at $7900 (is that good?) Anyway I have to spend a bit more as I would like to get a fan and external oil cooler as I have heard of the cooling problems (which KTM reps deny). Is the fan kit from KTM for only one side of the radiator or do you have to purchase one per side? Anyway I will be visiting quite often as this forum Rocks! Hope to talk to you guys soon and thanks for all the great threads. Later Kain
  12. kainaxe

    XR650R Street Legal in Alabama?

    thanks for the suggestion, I will try to see where I can get with that link.
  13. Hello All Has anyone tried plating an XR650R in Alabama? I tried calling the DMV, local Dealers, State Troopers, and the Department of Revenue and they have all told me either that it was difficult to accomplish or not possible at all. Has anyone been able to plate an XR650R or any offroad motorcycle for that matter? Has anyone also had any luck in surrounding states such as Georgia, Mississippi, etc? I have read that it may be possible to send for Vermont plates but that process seems a bit cloudy. Any help would be great. Take Care