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  1. ekim125

    White brothers header

    No stock header to try. Maybe I'll give them a call. Thanks
  2. ekim125

    White brothers header

    I've got a white brothers header on my wr400 with an e series pipe. I was wondering if other mufflers will bolt up to the header I have. The e series pipe is a bit to loud for where I ride and I want to put on a new pipe.
  3. Has anyone tried the E-Series Q-SHIELD Disc cover? http://quietiscool.com/_wsn/page3.html
  4. I just installed a traitech endurance computer on my wr and it's reading double what it should. I have the wheel size set at 2205, but to get it to read correctly I need to go to 4410. It won't let me go past 3999. Any ideas on what could be going on?
  5. ekim125

    06 450 exhaust cam in a 00 400

    Is that better?
  6. Will the 06 exhaust cam work in a 00 wr400? I want the auto decompression.
  7. ekim125

    WR tool kit

    I'm starting to collect tools for my WR400. What do you bring with you in your kit when you go out on a ride specific for the WR?
  8. I'm working on get my wr400 on the road. I need a pressure switch for the rear brake. Anyone know where I can get one fast? I have a bike wrecking yard close to my house. Is there a street bike that uses one? What have you used for you road legal wr's?
  9. ekim125

    2000 drz400s info

  10. ekim125

    2000 drz400s info

    I might be picking up a 00 drz400s on the weekend. Other then the suspension being different on the 02+ is there any other differences between the bikes? I know this has probably come up a few times before, but with a toddler and a pregant wife I don't have much time to surf the forum . Any help would be great.