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  1. i'm in a hungover state of mind right now.. but that was f'n hilarious. it was like when napolean dynamite did that sweet jump.
  2. kids are invincible
  3. i usually use engine ice whatever time of the year and puke VERY rarely, but this last trip to glamis i went through a whole bottle and some. It has always puked a tad more in glamis, but this was just f'n ridiculous. I'm going to dove springs this weekend, after i flushed it and refill. Radiators dont seem to be bent so hopefully it was just glamis....
  4. that was me climbing out.... btw once we rolled it over i did rallied it for another hour or so after we got the front window outa it. i found a whole cab for 7bills now i just need to find a bed, hood, and some flared fenders.....
  5. if anyone in the long beach area wants to split it.......
  6. i needed an adrenalin fix and my bike wasnt there.... http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b251/dakbatch/IMAGE0003.jpg
  7. off thread but... i was watching predator all hungover today and heard that quote. I knew i heard it before but couldnt put my finger on it.
  8. *****it, it looks good.
  9. damn, this whole thread was sick. Such crazy support on here.
  10. for sure. Its basic too.
  11. same shit happnd to me and it turnd out to be the cam chain jumping a tooth.
  12. when i orderd my mcct, the tracking number didnt work, so i gave them a call and they knew excatly when it would be there. Really great service
  13. Its so hard to say no to the taco surfs chip basket
  14. yeah it does. I actualy put one on mine about a month ago.
  15. Yea, it looks like a basic swap out. At least im hoping it is because im not TOO mechanically inclined. I'm still waiting for mine in the mail.