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  1. yea i know what it does i was saying that SOME people think it can prevent lactic acid build up
  2. some people think that creatine stops or slows down lactic acid build up but im not certain on that
  3. hahha why were ppl trying to cath him by running at him...lol
  4. if your gonnna do plyometric lifts by accelerating up like that use lighter weights maybe start at 50% of your max and use bands. if you dont know what bands are heres a pic of one way to set it up
  5. really getting a limo and dinner for homcoming is pointless. just show up at each others house 15min before the dance, take some pics and then drive there. save the dinner and movie for Prom
  6. make sure u dance like this
  7. whats the difference between cr500af and cr500r
  8. sweeeeeeeeet
  9. i won that replica nate adams yz250 that one time
  10. in this day and age anything with drinkin and sex is pretty much considered date rape. its the girls word against the guys and the girl usually wins. thats why you shouldnt haev sex tilll your married to get rid of the risk of date rape. but..... thats a long time..... lol JK
  11. i think i would have to of cried if he blew the engine when he was revving it
  12. thats cleaned up!?!?!?!?!?! i woulda hated to see the dirty one!
  13. i beat it first try\
  14. theres not one girl at our school who rides.