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  1. I wound bet its the counter shaft seal spring.
  2. I use mineral spirits first, then clean with dish soap and hot water. works well for me.
  3. The dealer installed mine, they look like crap. That's ok though because they will be replaced with FC stickers soon.
  4. If it doesn't have a fill plug. Then drain it and lay it on its side and refill it through the drain hole.
  5. I agree, $600 was gonna be my offer.
  6. You guys have got me wanting to restore one of these old Hondas. I found this one on CL about 20 miles from my house. I know he is asking to much. What do you guys think? What would be a good offer?
  7. If $70 is to much money then your in the wrong sport/hobby.
  8. I run CR high on all my bikes.
  9. Congrats on the new bike, I switched back to 2Ts after 10 years. Absolutely love my 300 xc! The AERs are best stock forks I've ridden.
  10. They come with an assortment of power valve springs you can use to adjust the hit. Also buy the tee handle tool to adjust the power valve setting.
  11. Ordered one! Can't wait to have a romantic dinner with the wife with it sitting on the table.
  12. I send the pictures to the local KTM dealer, the service manager is going to forward them to KTM. See what they say..
  13. No this in the 3rd oil change.
  14. Its sticking to the magnet, Ive cleaned the magnet and its not damaged. here is another angle
  15. I did send the picture to the owner of the KTM dealer where I bought the bike. He is going to show them to the service manager and see if he has any insight.