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  1. Ha! My second bike was 78 RM80 and I also broke the frame under the engine!
  2. I think he means the other Honda is for sale.
  3. cwf340

    Aftermarket Foot Pegs

    I put Pro Pegs Titanium pegs on my 300, they are works or art and stick like superglue.
  4. I've been hurt several times on a motocross track. But only once riding off-road and I blame the bike. 02 KTM 520 PDS shock bucked me over the bars, Broke my elbow on a rock.
  5. cwf340

    Clutch Cover options

  6. cwf340

    dirtbikes safer than ATVs?

    A unskilled rider is way more likely to get on a quad than a dirt bike. They think they are safer because they have 4 wheels under them. When, not if they crash they can't get away from the machine because it weighs 400-500 lbs..
  7. cwf340

    Cam Chain with Master Link

    Ya I posted before reading the thread lol.
  8. cwf340

    Cam Chain with Master Link

    Just lay the bike on the right side and do it that way. you wont have to change the oil
  9. cwf340

    The 300 Club

    where did you get the blue air filter box?
  10. cwf340

    FMF fatty pipe guard?

    P3 carbon makes one for the fatty.
  11. cwf340

    The 300 Club

    Thanks, I actually ordered blue rims and orange hubs. they sent me these by mistake. Instead of sending them back they refunded $250. So not a bad deal!
  12. cwf340

    The 300 Club

    Here's my 18 300xc. The wife would probably kill me if she knew how much I had in it lol.
  13. cwf340

    What Could've Caused This To Happen?

    That missing chuck from the piston is not the cause. Aluminum will not damage aluminum. The lower rod bearing is coming apart and working its way to the top through the transfer ports. I know because I've had 2 bikes do this.
  14. cwf340

    What Could've Caused This To Happen?

    Looks like the lower rod bearing came apart. time to split the cases and replace the crank.