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  1. They come with an assortment of power valve springs you can use to adjust the hit. Also buy the tee handle tool to adjust the power valve setting.
  2. Ordered one! Can't wait to have a romantic dinner with the wife with it sitting on the table.
  3. I send the pictures to the local KTM dealer, the service manager is going to forward them to KTM. See what they say..
  4. No this in the 3rd oil change.
  5. Its sticking to the magnet, Ive cleaned the magnet and its not damaged. here is another angle
  6. I did send the picture to the owner of the KTM dealer where I bought the bike. He is going to show them to the service manager and see if he has any insight.
  7. Nope I haven't touched the bottom end, Other than replacing the countershaft seal. It was damaged from the factory.. Bike has 19 hours on it. It does look like a valve shim.
  8. no I bought it last October.
  9. Changed the transmission oil in my 18 KTM 300xc yesterday and found this stuck to the magnet. Any ideas what it is?
  10. What year 300 are you talking about? My 18 has near zero vibs.
  11. Yes I have a P3 carbon pipe guard and the orange AXP.
  12. I have the AXP with linkage guard on my XC. It fits nice and has plenty of coverage. Also fairly easy to take on and off.
  13. You can subtract 800 from that total seeing how you got the bike for that much under retail.
  14. Where did you get the Red Bull graphics?
  15. If the rod bearing was going out, the piston crown would look like someone stabbed it to death with a ice pick. Yours looks normal.