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  1. Good news. I talked to my credit card company and they credited my money I sent this deadbeat back on my card. I hope all you other guys have some luck getting your money back. What sucks is now I am very hesitant to buy online now.
  2. $220.00 from me
  3. Im in Kingston, about 40 miles west of Knoxville. Got any good tracks out there?
  4. 316hepster, just curious about what kind of boots you paid for. I sent this punk $220.00 for a pair of Alpinestar Tech 10 boots. Im from east Tennessee also. Sorry to hear you are in the same boat as me. Maybe with all of us that scammed from this guy something will happen.
  5. Sorry to hear you had the same luck as me. Are you trying to get your money back? For me its only $220.00 but its the principal of the matter.
  6. Rotors are the same bolt pattern. I chose not to use the new rotors that came with the wheels but put my wave rotors on them.
  7. I have a set off an 06 yz 450 I might part with. Been through 1 tire change on each wheel.
  8. Bought them new off e bay for $675 and shipped for $30.00 I think. There is a set on e bay now for same color and same price.
  9. Mine were laced, trued and came with brake rotors.
  10. I just bought a set for my 06 yz450 and have only ridden with them twice but they look great. I got the black rims with blue hubs. The spokes are very fat and look like they should hold up well.