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  1. OK, so long as the manual is for the 92-95 specificly. I have been ripped off on a manual on ebay that was for the 90-91. I can paypal you the 15 bucks anytime. I haven't heard that about EBC but that sucks. It is taken under advisement for sure.
  2. Anyone???????????????????????????
  3. Does anyone know the torque specs for the clutch on a 92 DR650? Lookin for the large "basket" nut (was close to finger tight when I took it off) and the 4 spring mounting bolts. Just for info..... bike had 6000 miles, clutch was toast when I got it, putting in a EBC kevlar kit. The springs for the EBC kit are shorter than the stock ones...... also does anyone know which way the outer metal disc (not a clutch disc) faces? I believe that it faces toward the discs, like a cone facing the discs. Any other tips, etc?
  4. BUMP Cmon, anybody got any info for me on this older DR?
  5. I just picked up a 92 DR650 as a second bike and Im looking for a replacement ignition switch (the one on there is punched out.... was a trail only bike I guess). All of the parts places online want 80 bucks or more for one and I didn't see a Emgo knock off on the Dennis Kirk site either. Anyone know if anyone sells a cheap replacement or if the same part was used on a different bike? Also, anybody know what replacement plastic gastanks are available for the older DR? Thanks, Jason