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  1. Quint7

    DR650 clutch torque specs?

    OK, so long as the manual is for the 92-95 specificly. I have been ripped off on a manual on ebay that was for the 90-91. I can paypal you the 15 bucks anytime. I haven't heard that about EBC but that sucks. It is taken under advisement for sure.
  2. Quint7

    DR650 clutch torque specs?

  3. Quint7

    DR650 clutch torque specs?

    Does anyone know the torque specs for the clutch on a 92 DR650? Lookin for the large "basket" nut (was close to finger tight when I took it off) and the 4 spring mounting bolts. Just for info..... bike had 6000 miles, clutch was toast when I got it, putting in a EBC kevlar kit. The springs for the EBC kit are shorter than the stock ones...... also does anyone know which way the outer metal disc (not a clutch disc) faces? I believe that it faces toward the discs, like a cone facing the discs. Any other tips, etc?
  4. Quint7

    ignition switch and gas tank for 92 DR650

    BUMP Cmon, anybody got any info for me on this older DR?
  5. I just picked up a 92 DR650 as a second bike and Im looking for a replacement ignition switch (the one on there is punched out.... was a trail only bike I guess). All of the parts places online want 80 bucks or more for one and I didn't see a Emgo knock off on the Dennis Kirk site either. Anyone know if anyone sells a cheap replacement or if the same part was used on a different bike? Also, anybody know what replacement plastic gastanks are available for the older DR? Thanks, Jason