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  1. bsinon

    Yamaha WR250F 2008

    All the free mods, FMF Q4, JD Jet Kit, best woods bike ever!
  2. bsinon

    Yamaha WR250F (2008)


    All the free mods, FMF Q4, JD Jet Kit, best woods bike ever!
  3. bsinon

    Suzuki DR-Z400E (2002)


    Dual Sport Kit, Big Gun Evo, Air Box Mod, JD Jet Kit. My favorite ride!
  4. bsinon

    Suzuki DR-Z400E 2002

    Dual Sport Kit, Big Gun Evo, Air Box Mod, JD Jet Kit. My favorite ride!
  5. bsinon

    97 WR250 Help

    Thanks, Shrubitup! I appreciate the input.
  6. bsinon

    97 WR250 Help

    Hi guys, I have a 97 WR250 that's bone stock except for an Answer slip-on. It's a great desert bike, but now I'm spending more time on some tight single track and that bugger is a handful! Here are some mods I'm looking at to make it more ridable in the woods: FMF Gnarley with a Turbinecore 2 silencer 13 tooth primary sprocket (stock was 14/52) Am I on the right track here? Does anyone have any other configuration ideas that might be helpful? I love this bike, but it's gonna kick my butt if I don't muzzle it a bit and try to get more low-end out it. Any input is welcome!
  7. I did a search and found what I needed fo rthe 400s, but I really couldn't get a bead on the E settings. I still have the CE on. Any help on the E would be appreciated.
  8. Eddie, I think I dorked this up and initially posted this thread in the wrong spot! Anyway, I just moved from Colorado Springs to Seattle and most of my riding will be between 1000 and 4000ft. There was no problem at all with my jetting for the Colorado Rockies. I have two DRZs with jet kits so I need a little help with jet and needle numbers: 2000 DRZ 400S (Mikuni) 3x3 Airbox Mod Leo Vince Slip-on Dyno-Jet Kit NEXT: 2002 DRZ 400E (FCR) 3x3 airbox Big Gun Exo X Exhaust and Header Pipe JD Jet Kit Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Bob
  9. bsinon

    JD Jetting Question

    I had to buy a 148. The lowest in the kit was a 155. For my altitude the kit says red needle at the 5th position, but, my guess is that is intended by JD to keep things rich so you trash your valves.
  10. I need a little help: 2002 DRZ 400 E (FCR 39) Snorkle gone Big Gun EVO X full system is just about to go on Twin Air I'm in Colorado and ride between 4000 and 9000 ft, predominantly. 1. I'm getting ready to put in a JD kit and was wondering what the best set up would be for the needle position and mj? 2. Also, should i change out the pilot jet and the maj, as well? Looks like the kit only came with mj's. 3. Last thing. Does it make a big difference to pull off the coast enrichener and does that change the jetting if i pull it off? This is my first post and any help would be appreciated!