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  1. hey guys, i have searched about this topic, and havnt found out how to exactly do this job. I have a '05 450x in CA. what do i need to do to get it street legal?? is there a basic list of stuff that is a MUST to have?? like: blinkers, horn, tailight.....? I know you cant do it CA anymore....but i have heard there is some way around all that crap....like registering it in another state, true? so I just go down to DMV and say i need to register this bike in arizona, or some other close state?? with a person who lives in that state. or what? are there any websites with info about this? thanks guys, brian.
  2. bigboy450

    reche canyon in so cal, playpen??

    anyone know where the "playpen" is in reche canyon?? i have heard people talking about it and i would like to check it out, anyone know anything about the place?? thanks -brian
  3. bigboy450

    reche canyon playpen??

    anyone know where it is....i mean what road do i take?? i have heard people talking about it, but i have no clue how to get there....i can get the canyon obviously, but have no clue where the actual "playpen" is??? anyone? thanks -brian
  4. hey guys, iam lookin to get a 50. got one for sale?? know someone who wants to get rid of one?? let me know. i am lookin for somthin that is a little modded, but not too much. i dont want to spend lots of $$$ i just want somthin to play around on. i used to have an 03 xr50 that was pretty modded up, needed the money for another bike, so yea i had to get rid of it. i totally regret it! 50s are awsome. iam looking for another one, any year. i would like either a z50r, xr50, or crf50. pricing: $500 is all iam willing to spend, i know there probably will not be much out there for that amount, but its worth a try. you never know. thanks -brian
  5. bigboy450

    450X vs. WR450...... who wins?

    Hey man, get the 450x, Iam telling you. ITS A MUST! I have a 05 crf450x, with about $1000 to $1500 into it, and man it kicks A$$! my dad has an all stock 05 crf450x, its ok, could be better if he some simple stuff like jetting, smog, etc....but he is one of those "its better stock" kinda guys. I grew up on hondas, and so has my dad, so you know we just stayed with honda. I have many buddies with yamahas, and i dont ride them unless i HAVE to, and when i do, its just not comfortable, its unstable at high speeds, seems a little heavier to me, idk iam just so happy with my x its great. its your choice, you have to make the decision. and for the maintenence, just change the oil and oil filter, clean the air filter, lube things that need to lubed, check or change the spark plug every now and then...you know the regular maintenece. every one says the valves are a mess on these bikes, well i seem to beg the differ. i have had no problems with my valves, adjusted them twice in the almost 3 years i have had it. even put a stage 2 hotcam in and a bunch of other stuff, no problems. but every bike is different, i believe that some people have had to put a whole new valve train in. it all depends on the conditions. the riders style, where he/she rides, how he/she rides, and how he/she maintanes it. it all depends. anyway my recomendation is the CRF450X! GOOD LUCK!!
  6. "Who makes a better bike KTM or Husqvarna?" hmm, let me think.....HONDA!!!
  7. bigboy450

    southern cali riders husky monument

    no i dont know about that. i think someone said they knew where it was. i think it was cleonard. he said it was 35 to 40 miles away.
  8. bigboy450

    southern cali riders husky monument

    really?? we had some people come up and ask about it, one guy on a black quad, (he asked mainly about 2 trucks coming in, we told him where they went) another in a truck with a bike in the back (i took him half way to the husky, me on my bike, him following) and another on a ktm. here is a map i quickly put together: we had many riders coming in on the blue line, but not many on the red line. we come in the red line. the 2 trucks the guy on the quad was asking about came in on the red line. btw, our camp site is the green dot. here is the same map, just zoomed out a bit.
  9. bigboy450

    southern cali riders husky monument

    LETS HOPE NOT!! that angers me just thinking about it, but its true, you have a good point. like i said, lets hope they dont.
  10. bigboy450

    southern cali riders husky monument

    i have no clue where gallialo hill is...i might have been there, but didnt know it had a name, i have been riding out there since i was like 8, iam now 17, going to 18 in the 15 of june. my dad has been riding out there since he was my age, and hes is now 51. we know the place pretty well. maybe a picture or a description might help. you could even go on google map/earth and look it up, and then tell me about where it is.
  11. bigboy450

    southern cali riders husky monument

    yep it looks great. i was suprised at how many new single monuments were there. iam very happy to see all this progressing.
  12. hello fellow TTers, iam home sick today so i thought i would share about last weekends riding trip. we went to our usual/favorite place, cuddeback dry lake, which is about 15-20 miles from randsburg. cal city is a little farther but still in the general area. so anyway we went on several rides, but the husky monument ride had the center of attention for the weekend. apperantly someone had passed away recently, who rides, and the family and freinds were spreading ashes around the monument last weekend. also, the husky has been somewhat restored, yes, because of what i just said above, people came out and put on NEW FENDERS, GAS TANK, AND SEAT! yes it looks great! so this is the route we take: and here are some pictures of the husky. I HAVE 59 PHOTOS ALL TOGETHER, INCLUDING THESE THAT IAM POSTING. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I HAVE MANY PHOTOS OF INDIVIDUAL MONUMENTS AROUND THE HUSKY ALSO. DONT BE SHY, LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. here it is...and that is our helmet on the handlebar... here are some new ones since i was last at the husky monument: here are some more of the husky itself: here are some misc photos: this is a great picture, i was happy to see this....just the sticker itself i hope you enjoyed!! have a great day! -brian
  13. bigboy450

    What do you buy too much/many of?

    coke....coca cola that is!! its frickin addicting.... and for the bikes, carb cleaner. idk why, but i love that stuff, it has lots of purposes, well a few...
  14. bigboy450

    05 450x WILL NOT start-never has

    hey 5angels4me, iam glad to here from you, you didnt reply for a while and i was wondering what happened. any way, iam still standing the same as ewbish, if you are any where near Redlands, let me know. i'd love to help!!
  15. bigboy450

    05 450x WILL NOT start-never has

    yes, i would love to give a hand in helping out some fellow riders. at no charge. now i must tell you now, iam 17 years old, but trust me, i know lots about these bikes. i take care of many friends and family bikes, including my 2005 crf450x. same bike as yours. iam in the riverside/san bernardino area. i live in redlands, but can travel to anywhere in those areas. i dont want to do anything but help. and yes i agree with everyone who said this, the dealer most likely wont want anything to do with it. especially after a year. your best bet is some one who is willing to help out, or another shop. good luck!