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  1. Vacuum leak caused by cracked hose or intake plenum?
  2. So far it seems as everything I have heard in the past has been bulls__t !!! Still no TE 610 in Canada !!! Most of my riding buddies have given up and gone orange. T.
  3. Still no 610's in Canada T.
  4. Thanks Andy I check the BC site frequently,but I was kinda thinkin shiny and new. There has been a lot of talk in BC about a legislation change and I'm not sure if I will be able to get one through before the change takes place. It would be nice to get one with the MC street legal designation. T.
  5. How do I arrange a hit for 09 ?
  6. If you bought the bike new the NIVIS card would have said restricted use motorcycle or RUM witch basically means offroad use only. There is a way to plate them in Alta. but not so in some of the other provinces and from what I have learned it is not going to change for 09.
  7. Thanks for the info Scotty maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope there will still be a TE610 in 2010 !!
  8. It can still be done in Alberta as I recently did an XR400 here. I am planning a move to B.C. and there it can be difficult, I was hoping for a change so I wouldn't have to deal with the B.S. I really want the Husky but it looks like I will be riding the XR or be forced to buy a pumpkin !! I hate orange !!
  9. No doubt about it, it truly does suck! They are missing out on a huge market. The choices in the 650 range here are the outdated XR650L or the KTM, and the KTM 690 's are extremely limited in numbers and over the top expensive ! :lol: :lol: :worthy: :p
  10. Just got word from the local Husqvarna dealer that there will be no changes to the NIVIS cards for 2009 in Canada. The TE610 will have a restricted use motorcycle designation or RUM sticker again, meaning it will not be street legal. There is a signifigant demand for this bike up here, it totally amazes me that Husky wont rectify this problem. How can the bike be legal in the U.S. with their extreme emmisions regulations in some states, and yet we can't buy the bike here street legal ???