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  1. Ginsu4u

    Jetting Question.

    Could someone please post the part numbers for the KLX/DRZ125 pilot jet, main, and adj needle. Someone told me a #20 pilot, 107.5 main, and adjustable needle. Is this correct? Any good muffler suggestions? Should I just drill the baffle plate and be done with it? Thanks. Ryan.
  2. Ginsu4u

    Any riders from E. Washington?

    Cool I have family in Wenatchee. I love Stan Coffin lake. I bet there are some good places to ride around Quincy. I am looking forward to some trips up around the Wenatchee National Forrest and Chelan this summer.
  3. Newbe here just getting back into riding. I bought my son a KLX125L and he had never been on a motorcycle before. He is learning very slow. I have a KLX250H6F and am just getting the feel for riding again. I was just wondering if anyone out here knows the good spots to go for practice and some fun riding for the family. Would be great to meet up with some other KLX owners. I am also interested in learning more about motorcycles, the internet has been a great source but nothing beats learning from a pro. Ryan.