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  1. F250_Lab_Taxi

    there is hope (had to share)

    That was such a good post. Im new and I totally experience all of those things you talked about. I feel so proud of you and we dont even know each other, lol. I hope you have many more great accomplishments and I hope your friend gets back to riding soon.
  2. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Racing with breast implants?

    Its simple really. Bra sizes vary not just by the cup size but also the size of your back. Forinstance a 36C and a 38D are the same as far as the cup size. Due to my back being a 38 I am foirced into the D sizes, but if my back were a 36 I would be a full C. I guess it is kinda in relation to your body. I guess its that there arent just 4 boob sizes. There is a range for each size. Take a trip to VS, the little lady in the fitting room can explain it much better.w [retracted]
  3. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Newbie in need of advice...

    I have only crashed one time so far and it more more of a topple anyway. It was so slow I can actually remember thinking "I am going to hit my visor on the ground" THUD...
  4. F250_Lab_Taxi

    toy hauler advice

    I have a 06 Weekend Warrior FS2300 and have not had any problems with it (had it for about a year). Everyone I talked to recommended this brand so I didnt look around much and dont know too much about the other brands. Hey JWS, what kind of problems are you having? I wouldn't mind keeping my eyes open just in case.
  5. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Better half wants to ride in Las Vegas.

    That last part is a great idea. I sat on so many bikes and was convinced that i liked the TTR's until I sat on a WRF. I feel in love with the WRF, but have since ridden a TTR. I am very happy with the choice I made. The TTRs just dont have the oompf....
  6. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Way OT Happy Baby Stories

    Happy birthday to Malcolm And that is great for your friends baby. It is so good to hear people/babies defying the odds.
  7. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Racing with breast implants?

    Yeah, from my experience, if you get them you are basically on your own. They actually do have a warranty perioid (as odd as that sounds) and if you go to a good doctor, they are usually willing to help in those extreme cases. Thats why doing your research is so important. As for the breast cancer thing, Im not really sure, but I would think insurance would still cover that, just not the removal of the implant if necessary.
  8. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Racing with breast implants?

    Im sure you didnt mean it this way, but that sounded bad. It sounds like you are saying women with big boobs are not athletic and not intelligent. (My boobies were with me when i got my B.S. and they are totally stoked about me starting the M.S. program and playing indoor soccer )
  9. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Racing with breast implants?

    Stating the cons would be like some of the responses in this thread that argue that it is a surgery or that there could be complications. Stating that one needs to address their mental well being for it is not constructive.
  10. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Racing with breast implants?

    Yes, and I stated my opinon on her statement. I dont think me calling her out makes this forum any more touchy feely.
  11. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Racing with breast implants?

    Eh....$129 Yeah, I bought a lot of stuff that day.
  12. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Racing with breast implants?

    Yes. .
  13. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Racing with breast implants?

    I cite this: "If you feel you need bigger breasts to make yourself feel better....spend the money on a psychiatrist and figure out why you don't feel good enough about yourself with the breasts you have. " Who says she doesnt feel good about herself? Telling someone they need to see a psych is uncalled for. I'm done here.
  14. F250_Lab_Taxi

    Racing with breast implants?

    You arent telling her the truth. you are berating her for a choice she is thinking about making. Saying that she might encounter difficulties racing is a lot different than calling her a mental case. I happen to be very physically active and I happen to have breast implants. And as far as the mastectomy/younger lady argument, you stated that getting breast implants are for men to look at. Now, regardless of your age or medical history you are getting implants to feel better in some regard. Im pretty sure she simply wanted to know horror stories regarding MX and breast implants. She didnt ask the question to get your opinion on her mental health. Yes, in a lot of cases it can make you ill, but so can microwaves and gas fumes! As far as medical journals and the like, yes there have been a lot of problems with breast implants, but out of the thousands of women who get them, the problems are quite rare. Jeez, Im glad I signed on tonight.