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  1. 500 shipped can only be used on two bros swinger
  2. i was trying to do the same thing to but cant find anyoone whos did it to find out if it works
  3. and i could sell you a brand new front end never ridin on top triple clamp bottom tripple clamp forks wheel lever brake cable and bars just bolt to your bike and run for 200.00
  4. and if you wanted plastics and a skidplate add 100.00 more
  5. i would sell the airbox,stock carb,bars,top triple clamp front brake lever with brake cable, forks, rear shock, kick starter,shifter brake pedal pipe and gas tank for 300.00 and if you wanted front and rear wheels with tires add 150.00
  6. so what do you need i think i would be willing to sell some parts
  7. how come u dont just sell the salad fork on ebay
  8. yea i im thinking about getting that kit but havent heard any feedback on it
  9. on th 110
  10. would you say go with the chm or the yoshi
  11. how is that chm pipe
  12. will the yoshi work good on a klx 110 with a air filter kit and jets or whould it be better to go with an fmf or something till i get a big bore kit