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  1. HRCMan

    Tapping Threads in Rear Subframe?

    Just a thought. The square tubing on the sub frame has a piece of solid aluminum square stock that fits the I.D. of the frame. It was probably drilled and tapped before being welded in place. I can't tell how far this piece is inserted if any, but I do know that I have 3/8" of thread on each side. Mine definitely has enough meat to install a helicoil and not worry about it again.
  2. HRCMan

    Nice Mod and good advice

    Is the MT18 a steel belted tire (wire in the tread section), or are you referring to the bead wire?
  3. HRCMan

    New Skins

    I agree with the low end being 6 - 8 psi. if you have a rim lock. I wouldn't go any lower than 12 - 13 for road use. Anytime you drop below 15 psi. you need to check the pressure each time you ride. At low pressures you have lost any reserve you have and need to keep an eye on it. I know that I don't always check as often as I should, there is nothing worse than being 50 miles from nowhere with a spun rim and possibly torn stem.
  4. HRCMan

    New Skins

    I'm sure you will like the 606. I just changed out my second rear (1100 miles on the first, and 1250 on the second) twice the mileage of non DOT tires. The original rear and front were Dunlop 756's. Never got over 600 miles out of the original rear or the first replacement which was a 756 also. The fronts outlasted the rears in both cases, when I changed to the first 606 I installed a 606 front also. These mileages resulted from a 75/25 off/on road ratio, from wet to dry, dirt to granite trail conditions. Since the 650R is such a tire eater I thought these were pretty decent mileages, but I'm still experimenting with that. I noticed an ever so slight loss of rear traction with the 606 off road, the front is equal if not slightly better off road. On the pavement both are superior to my reference 756's. Recently I mounted a Michelin "Baja" front and rear. I look forward to seeing (no pun intended) how they hold up. As soon as my vision returns I will put them to the test. There is no perfect tire for all situations. The challenge is to find the combination that does the best job handling your individual riding situations and conditions. This is not just about mileage or traction etc. etc., but about all the factors that give the rider satisfaction and security.
  5. HRCMan

    ignorant & uneducated, need brief history

    Thanks for reminding me of the SL90, forgot that one. Still have my 70'-SL70, 72'-SL125, and 74'-XL350. Those were great rides in their day, but they can't compare to 100 mph+ passes through the pasture behind the house to relax after work. What's the next iteration of the 650R?
  6. HRCMan

    ignorant & uneducated, need brief history

    Good history lesson. Was the SL Series the parent of the XL's? The SL70, SL100, SL125, SL175, SL350 were all in production in the late 60's to around 72. Or were they just a transition from scrambler (CL) models to more specific XL to XR off road motorcycles?