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    2000 XR50 Rod Knock?

    really the best way to check for rod play is to stick a feeler gage into one sodi of the rod at the crank to take up side to side play then move up and down and see also just to let you know even the slightest amount of play will cause a loud azz knock when its running
  2. to answer your question yes the bbr 10 inch stand will hold a xr 70 it will actually hold a fully modded 110 but it has to lean over a bit but my wifes stock suspension drz 110 fits that stand perfectly
  3. slapaho16

    installing xr 70 tb clutch

    everythings fine dirt bike trannys arnt ment to fall into gear they have to roll to get the teeth matched up
  4. slapaho16

    A lil help with a part request for my klx 110

    is there not an over size tank for a kx 65 if they make one for the 65 it should fit a klx
  5. slapaho16

    How much is this worth - 2006 KLX110

    i just bought a bone stock kid ridden 03 drz for 700 w title
  6. slapaho16

    Fastest KLX110

    that was the 125 novice class and daniel and i run the same identical motor a 172 plus r with lots of head work
  7. slapaho16

    110 pictures

    just a thought lets start a thread with pictures of your 110s stock or not ill start this is my classic honda performance backed 2007 klx 110 takegawa 172plus r motor with all the goodies bbr super pro rear end marrizocci forks with the bbr brake up grade and lots lots more
  8. slapaho16

    Might be buying a 110 soon.

    klxes are so much fun and you can build them from mild to wild just be careful it gets addicting really fast
  9. slapaho16

    Fastest KLX110

    thats my buddy daniel martin hees from azel texas very fast rider he also have a kickass practice track in his back yard
  10. slapaho16

    Kick Start problem

    broken output shaft guarenteed its a very common problem with klx 110s i reccomend getting the unit from bbr its like 350 bucks but well worth the money
  11. slapaho16

    Pics of your 50/70 *Pictures Only!*

    ill throw my 110 in here too and this is my wifes bike
  12. slapaho16

    xr70 88cc kit help

    its an ignition box your stock one is mounted under your seat id reccomend the kitaco purple box
  13. slapaho16

    perimeter exhaust

    nope thats it unless your in texas classic honda needs a primmy frame to get a pipe in design for
  14. slapaho16

    What Exhaust Do I get for my CRF50?

    fast 50s speed exaust is the best pipe for a stock 50 motor up to an 88 stock head
  15. slapaho16

    oil cooler kit and inner rotor kit

    if your running a auto clutch or the trail bikes manny id shoot for the kitaco inner roter peps the bike up alot i personally run a kitaco ultra 106 with the kitaco ultra main shaft mounted clutch and a inner roter rides like a 2 stroke i love it
  16. slapaho16

    Best For Bang The Buck

    deffinatly go with the trail bikes race head 88 kit money well spent
  17. slapaho16

    xr70 88cc kit help

    just play with the jetting also id reccomend getting a rev box as that will help also and just play around with the jetting
  18. slapaho16

    bbr sp-5 up front, what to run in back??

    i my self have broken 4 i shocks now but if your going bbr id go with the elka shock and a bbr super stock swingarm if you get a deal on bbr or a billetware or sano plus 4 if you can get a deal from them
  19. slapaho16

    I snapped my frame in half.

    call red baron their pretty good with customer service as far as a new frame it depends on waht rear end your running if you have to buy another frame dont go red baron if your using a a style swingarm go with a billetware frome if you had one of red barons chromoly frames with the mono swinger id just drop the money on a super pro frame from bbr
  20. slapaho16

    perimeter exhaust

    two brothers makes a perimeter exaust fror the 50 perimeter frame its quite pricey but well worth it
  21. slapaho16

    powder coat?

    if you coat the pegs some of it will eventually wear your best bet would be to buy a set of aft anodized aluminum pegs
  22. slapaho16

    cam chain too loose

    check the oil pump easy way to do that is pull the right side head cover and spark plug and kick the motor over by hand ps put a drain bucket under it also check that the plunger does not stick in the cases if no luck ther you prolly have a clogged oil passage
  23. there is no spring that goes behind the shift star the only spring i can think of that will fit behind there is the one that goes behind the clutch cover in those ball actuaters it should be half an inch tall and about half an inch across if that what it is take it back out it dont belong in there
  24. slapaho16

    anything better than a ishock?

    i like my elka better than the fox i used to have id allways blow my foxes rebound dampening out
  25. slapaho16

    wanted harness

    What All You Need Just The Wiring Or Do You Need The Whole Ignition