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    Bike hauler for SUV, except Husky?

    i bought the motojack rak with the sam issue. i've spent considerable time making it work right and now have it licked. i'll have to get out my camera an photo the solition for you but simply bought a couple of 12x18 inch plastic cutting boards one covers the entire platform. drilled out 4 holes thru the board and platform frame used carraige bolts then cut the other into smaller pieces and with the bike on the rack modified one edge with a power plainer to create a wedge to hod up the back end. also added some support under the unsupported area of the middle of the rack to minimize flex or breaking of the plastic. steel would work but i didn't want to borrow a welder and cutting torch. jeff
  2. I am new to dirt biking after a 30 year brake. I have a new 2006 TE450 and it is amazing the diference from my 70's yamaha 2 stroke and this wonderful bike. I have read a few postings on the Rekluse clutch system and am looking for thoughts from this forum on the pluses and minuses of this conversion. I would probably leave the lever on too if i went that route and except for climbs, starting from a stop and descending i'd expect istinct would have me using the lever. Seems like the conversion back would only take 30 minutes or so. P.S. This forum is great Jeff Byrd
  3. I'm trying to figure out the solution to my clutch failure on my new 2006 te 450. I blead the system in case thier was air in the line but no improvement. it is deteriorating quickly after 2 hours on the bike. the hydrolics seem to fail about 1/2 of the time and the problems including many stalls at unfortunate times make riding hell. unfortunately after bleeding the system my first test was a lot of steep technical stuff at a new location for me with a bunch oo trials guys. the riding day was painful and short ending with a long push. has anyone else encountered a master cylidner or lave failure and how do you diagnose whitch it is. the dealer is 2 hours drive each way and if i can correct myself i'd rather save the driving. also any feedback on the rekluse auto clutch which would have neutralized this problem.
  4. I have a new Husqvarna TE450 on order. i envision being able to run it in a sm configuration for some street riding as opposed to racing. Do SM owners with any regularity upgrade to aftermarket wheel sets and have used stock sm wheel sets they sell. if so does anyone have suggestions where to track these down or some other reasonably priced approach to finding road or sm wheels?