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  1. I recently changed the springs in my fork and upon putting them back together, I can't adjust the rebound dampening because the screw just spins. It is stuck at no dampening so the front wheel just pogos back quickly. Any ideas? Its a 2003 DR-Z 400 S with the stock fork.
  2. crobarcapn

    Sprocket/s change advice

    In terms of sprocket change time and stress on the bike,would it be practical to change gearing for a long ride such as southern california to northern california, change the gearing back to stock for a short stay, and change it back for the ride home? What would be the most efficient way of doing this. stock '06 sm by the way. Thanks
  3. does anyone know what modifications have to be done in order for a 2006 crf 250r to be street legal in California?
  4. crobarcapn

    Anyone know of a good mx video site?

    I knew that one was coming.....anything else?
  5. not a site where you can purchase dvd's, but one that has lots of cool clips?
  6. crobarcapn

    I need advice on removing the chain

    Cool, flathead work great!
  7. what is the best way or best tool to use and how to remove the master link and chain. If anyone has pics that would be cool...THANKS
  8. crobarcapn

    When to check?

    So the main point of checking them is to see when you should put new shims or what?
  9. crobarcapn

    Spoke Tightening

    Without having a torque wrench, whats a good rule of thumb for how tight the spokes should be?
  10. crobarcapn

    Learning maintenace on my bike

    Thank you to those of you who helped me
  11. crobarcapn

    Learning maintenace on my bike

    I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to mechanics cuz Ive never owned my own bike until now and always rode with friends when I was younger. So aside from the owners manual, what would be a good way for me to learn about my crf and how to take care of it. Because it sounds fun and it could save a lot of $$$ over time THNX
  12. crobarcapn

    Should I wait for 2007?

    Cool, thanks guys, I actually got the 06' on monday and im happy
  13. crobarcapn

    Should I wait for 2007?

    Sould I buy an 06' at the end of may/beginning of june or wait for the 2007 because it might have efi.......hmmm.......i dont know..