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  1. scotish1957

    I want a smaller one

    I've tried quite a few websites and I can't find a 12 tooth countershaft spocket for our bikes. Does anyone have one or know who might? Thanks:excuseme:
  2. scotish1957

    Forgot to count

    I know this is something I should know, but I'm at work and I forgot to check. How many teeth are on the front spocket and can you go one smaller? Thanks:excuseme:
  3. scotish1957

    AP mods

    Will the 55 leak jet help at high altitude like here in Colorado? If your bike seems to be running fine, will it make it better?
  4. scotish1957

    Fork oil

    Since I've never done it before and can't afford to have someone else do it, are there any tricks to changing fork oil on our bikes? I read the service manual and bleeding air and excess oil from the inner chamber seems like something you have to be careful with. Plus, how much oil do you need for the job. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. scotish1957

    fork seals leaking

    Is there a special technique to cleaning underneath a leaky fork seal? Someone mentioned using a tearoff, do you try to scoop it out as you go or what. Thanks for the help.
  6. scotish1957

    Leak what?

    On the KXF450 forum they mentioned that the bike came with a 70 leak jet, but runs better with a 55. I'm at 5280 foot elevation, would it help mine. By the way, what the hell is it? Thanks
  7. scotish1957

    Boyseen quickshot

    Is the leak jet altitude sensitive, or would it be an improvement here in Denver, 5,280 ft. I have an '06 with no bog, but wouldn't mind an improvement. Thanks
  8. scotish1957

    Triple camps

    With all this talk about changing triple clamps, has anyone tried one of those Rekluse e-axles? Seems as if it might be an easier solution if it really achieves the same results.
  9. scotish1957


    Here in Colorado, we get alot of hard packed clay with a little dry dirt on top. Which front tire grips the best on this stuff, regardless of durability? Thanks P.S. Money is no object......the check won't clear anyway!
  10. scotish1957

    Dirt Rider Review On 06

    They thought the piston, pin, and cylinder looked excellent. Since I don't have much spare time, it makes me think of putting off the top end rebuild. I know some folks have had bad experiences, but you always wonder if it's 1 out of 100, 1 out of 1000, or even less. Someone suggested that watching the internet too closely on issues like this tends to leave you with a distorted view. What's ya all think?
  11. scotish1957

    Thanks Pro Circuit...

    So you would say I need a 55 leak jet here in Denver, 5280? Plus, where is it located in the carb? Thanks:ride:
  12. scotish1957

    Best choice

    undefinedIt's time to install some peace of mind in the great beast. What's the majority opinion, go with a Wiseco piston and pin or has Kawasaki addressed the problem enough to trust oem parts? Through the years I've heard guys complain about Wiseco pistons failing. Maybe that's a thing of the past or not accurate info in the first place.
  13. scotish1957

    KX450 forks

    I'm a 175 pound intermediate motocrosser. For the most part, I like the forks on the KXF, but I do bottom them hard on some landings. When I try to tune it out with the clickers, they get harsh before I eliminate the bottoming. I'm on a budget, married, so I need a cheap fix. The oil level is stock, should I increase it and by how much? What fork oil do you recommend. Thanks
  14. I know, I shouldn't be allowed to use tools......or even hold them. I was trying to remove the pilot jet from my KX450F and I broke part of the inside of the carburetor body. It's that recess for the pilot jet that has two flanges.......mine only has one now. My question is, will the bike run the same or am I screwed........so to speak. Thanks, Mr. Fix It
  15. scotish1957

    Good but

    undefined I have an 06 kx450f that I ride in the Denver area. I jetted it according to your settings and it starts and runs great, but it does pop loudly two or three times when I chop the throttle. I've tried to tune it out with the fuel mixture screw, but can't. I checked for an exhaust leak, but couldn't find anything. Being middleaged and married my nerves are shot and the noise is making me jumpy, what can I do. Thanks