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  1. swinglek

    New mx practice tract-dirt bikes and sport quads

    Two of my friends and I rode this track yesterday. We are all "B" class motocross riders. The track is high speed with a good flow. Both tracks were combined yesterday forming appx. a 3 mile loop. I have read some earlier posts complaining about the jump faces. I can tell you after riding it that there is nothing wrong with the jumps. There is a big triple, I would estimate it to be about 100'. A real nice double in the center section, and a good rhythm section. In the back section there is a nice uphill double, and several nice turns to challenge your cornering skills. There are several other obstacles; I have simply listed a few that we enjoyed hitting. Chris and the guys were very knowledgable and welcomed any and all suggestions that they could use to make the track better. I only life 10 minutes from the track and plan on being there often. I think that one visit and a couple of laps on this track will dispell any misconceptions you might have about this being a backyard track. These guys have done a great job putting this together. Can't wait for the grand opening!
  2. swinglek

    Energy Supplements prior to Workout

    You might want to try eating during your workouts... I am not talking about a meal, but maybe some baby carrot or just something to grab in between sets. It might help keep your blood sugar up and give you the energy you need to complete your workout.
  3. swinglek


    +1 ^ The SG 12 are great boots. I have had the Tech 6 That was a nice boot, Tech 10 Hated those, they did not hold up well, and the buckels pointed towards the inside of the leg, they would constantly hook the frame, shroud, side panels etc. and come unbuckled. Now that I have tried the SG12 I would never wear anything else. They are very comfortable right out of the box, provide great support and protection, plus they hold up very well.
  4. swinglek

    Motovation training

    I am interested in taking some one on one training with Richard Schmidt from Motovation MX in New Jersey. Has anyone trained here, any feedback. Also open to suggestions if anyone has ideas for training in the New Jersey, Pa area. Looking to get a couple of sessions in prior to the end of the season here, but would also like a comprehensive training program for the winter, and then to again start taking lessons next season. Thanks in advance.
  5. swinglek


    Hey does anyone know what the story is with MotoTown? Will it be open this winter or have they made it into a movie studio?
  6. swinglek

    Cornering Question

    I have a question on squared off corners. It seems that when the track is wet rather than having a nice smooth arc around the turns there will be an arc until about 3/4 the way through the turn then it will be squared off. What is the best way to ride these type of turns... I have been having troubles where either I hit the squared off portion while weighting the outside peg, bike stands up and jumps the rut. Or if I don't weight the outside peg but instead lean with the bike the suspension compresses and bottoms on the flat part loosing all momentum. Any suggestions?
  7. swinglek

    Knee Brace Study

    Dr. Mark, I want to buy a set of knee braces but have been waiting on the results of your study. Judging by your first response there does seem to be some benefit and I will proceed with purchasing a pair. One additionial question, what is your opinion on the teather straps that some knee brace providers have. Do you think that the teather will reduce rotationial injuries, or simply transfer the force someplace else that will do worse damage? Thanks,
  8. swinglek

    Knee Brace Study

    Dr. Mark: Well have the number crunchers finished their analysis on the knee brace study yet? Thanks, Keven
  9. swinglek

    FMF midpipe replacement?

    I have heard that you can fill the header with water, plug the ends and place it in the freezer. The pressure from the water freezing is supposed to pop the dents out. I have not tried this myself but I am told it will work.
  10. I have been experiencing knee troubles for a couple of years. Nothing serious just minor pain and stiffness after excercising. I ride the stationary bike on a regular basis to try and keep them in good working order. I was speaking with my Dr. about this at my last visit and he suggested that I might want to think about getting Synvisc injections. The data that I have researched on the internet has not provided me with any conclusive evidence that these shots work. I was wondering if you had any experience with these and what your opinion is. Thank You
  11. swinglek

    knee brace results

    I have been awaiting the result of the "Knee brace Study" Have the results been posted and I simply missed them, or is there a tenative date for the results? Also any recomendations on Knee braces, I have been looking at the Astericks because of the teather strap that should prevent rotationial injuries, I am also interested in the new EVS Web with the "crumple zone" to prevent leg breakage. Any info that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  12. swinglek

    Roller style whoops

    Hey I think that I KNOW the rollers you are talking about.... if so you will be VERY happy to know that they are now gone.... well most of them. If it was Hurricane the rollers prior to the table top jump in the back are much smaller now "they changed them this week". But the only way to attack the old ones was to leap frog through them. The rollers after the triple extension are now completly gone. The way that I used to do those was to wheelie the first one, jump from the second onto the third and then do the little step up jump. But again that is all nice a smooth all the way from the triple extention to the small step up prior to the downhill triple. However the rollers on the top, the old flat track, are still there, if you can get a decent drive around the outside you can double, double, double through them, if not you can wheelie (skim) them through the inside line. Good Luck and hopeful this info. will help.
  13. swinglek

    2009 KXf 250

    I have a 2006 KXf450 the suspension has be re-sprung and valved for me. I just picked up 2009 kxf 250 will the suspension from the 2006 450 fit on the 2009 250? Thanks,
  14. swinglek

    Your arms usage

    while it is important to use your legs when you ride it is equally important to make certain that you are staying forward on the bike. You want to make certain that the bike is pushing you around the track. If you are riding too far back you cant help but use your arms because the bike is pulling you around the track.
  15. swinglek

    working out has given me arm pump

    Ditch the Creatine supplement. Creatine will saturate your muscles with water, making them swell and appear bigger. An unfortunate byproduct is that it will give you arm pump like crazy. Once you are off the creating for about 2 weeks you should notice your arm pump will greatly decrease.