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  1. I did a search and found some info about 610's but nothing for the 450. Does anyone know what size the 08' SM450R bars are? I'm getting ready to order handguards and I'm trying to figure out the correct size for the mounting hardware. The zeta ones offer a 7/8 or 1 1/8. Anyone know on this?
  2. Just picked up my 08' SM450R and I'm looking for a set of wrap around style handguards for it. Any recommendations? Also when I was purchasing the dealer mentioned a power kit which eliminates the cataletic converter in the exhaust and includes a led tail light. Does anyone have any more info on this kit? It's also suppose to remove the O2 sensor from the exhaust as well. Thanks, oh yeah and after 100 miles I love this bike.
  3. If you're a java developer too, then please check out the project files from the site, and if you think you'd have time to contribute it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Some more updates. I have created a windows installer package and also a debian package for those running linux. Here is a demo of the application in use. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1011686839080003332&ei=Ra7YSe3COoiG-gGwyfDtCA&q=mymotorcycles
  5. Ok some additional info. If you want to be one of the "beta" testers PM me an email address that is associated to a google account then I will give you instructions about how to report issues you that you find. As far as feature requests, please hold off on those for now I am trying hard to get this to a 1.0 release so right now I won't be adding any functionality. After I get the app stable and working then I'll probably open up the issue tracker to start taking feature requests.
  6. Ok some more info if you didn't catch the first post. This is a "Desktop Applicaiton" that runs on your local machine and stores information about your motorcycles, rides, and service that you've done. NO INFORMAITON IS SHARED!!!! It's stored in a database that gets created in the folder on your machine. It's open source so you can view all of the code if you want to at the link provided. It's 100% free, free to use, free to modify, free to distribute. Just something I wanted for myself and since I was writing it, why not let others enjoy it too.
  7. Ok, so I've gotten A LOT done on this. So please I need some beta testers, it's far enough along to start tracking problems that are encountered. And yes IMAGES for motorcycles and RIDES both made it into the initial release. Be warned though that if you start high res images the app is going to eat up memory. So you may want to size the images down. Also the built in photo view does zoom in and out of pictures. And does display them in full res if you want them and have the 512MB or more of memory. Here is the latest screenshot and if you're interested in beta testing and providing issues that you find please let me know. Thanks The project home page again is http://code.google.com/p/mymotorcycles/
  8. lbk

    Youth's banned from OHV use?

    It didn't pass but we still have to keep an eye on this stuff to make sure she doesn't try revising it a little and putting it forward again with new verbage. She did have 2 other supporters even with it written the way it was. If she removes the portion that was about the schooling programs k-8 teaching kids about the dangers she's likely to get more support so everyone keep an eye out for this to resurface.
  9. Ok, it's made a lot of progress guys but still hang tight it's not to it's 1.0 release just yet. I need to change how images are managed so don't test adding and removing images, but adding, editing, deleting a motorcycle should all work now. It should also throw a clean error message indicating a required field was missing if you save it without one. Also after I get the images setup I'll post an update, if I can get that to work the way I want it to then you could keep the application and data on a USB card and run it from any computer that has java. Keep an eye on http://code.google.com/p/mymotorcycles and this thread here for more updates. I'm hoping to get it to a 1.0 release before the nice weather really kicks in here because then it will be slow moving once the true riding season kicks in.
  10. Sorry one more comment. "Editing" is not completed yet for any records right now it's all just adding, plus deleting would work. To add parts, it has to be associated with a service record, since nothing puts itself on the bike. So when you add a new service record by "right clicking" the motorcycle and chosing "Add new service record" you fill in the information about the part at the bottom, then be sure to click the add part button I think it is, to see it in the list should look something like "2.0 ea. @ $10 Fork Seals" something like that. If it's in that list then when you add the service record it will save the parts. Now I still do not have the "Parts" tab populating when you view a motorcycle so it's in the works. Like I said this is an early development project so the best thing to do is to check the site under the "CurrentTesting" that is where I keep track of what is done and what "should" work in there.
  11. This is good feedback guys! For all of you that are willing to help PM me your email addresses that are associated with a Google account. I will add you to the project and we can start tracking these issues right on the google code page. Ride-2-Live I know what happened there, EFFECTIVE FROM is a required field now it should have given you a nice error message that it's a required field instead of trying to write the record, and failing. Which is what happened here. Then I already know of a few areas that once a database transaction fails it causes a lock and I'm working on fixing that one. As far as the ability to add to previously owned. Previously owned is determined by "unchecking" the still own box on the add motorcycle screen. If you uncheck that and provide the date you sold or got rid of the motorcycle then it will be added to the "Previously Owned". I'll update the help contents too to make that clearer. Seriously I appreciate you guys providing this feedback and it's what I needed. When you are writing the code you focus on getting it to work so you tend to put in everything you know is required to make sure it will work. That's where I need the most help is for people to just use it and report problems like this, so I can fix them. The test service record is probably similar in that there is a required field. So I'd ask that you send me your email I'll add you and let's get these tracked on the site, so then you can check back there to see when they've been fixed and try again. Then update the item if the problem still occurs.
  12. Yeah Mac I don't expect it to work because there is some known problem with Derby on the Mac which is the db being used. I could probably find a fix but since I don't have a Mac and they don't let you run Mac OS on any virtual machines I have no way of testing it. Sorry, Linux is supported though.
  13. Ok can you give me more information on the errors you received? Did you use the .msi or just the zip file?
  14. I'll post again, but could you give me a better idea of what the errors were so I can try to fix them? Also were you running Vista? If so there is a known problem with permissions and that's posted on the main page.
  15. Sorry link is fixed, as far as Mac OS X it should work it's a java based program. There is some issue though with Derby on a Mac from what I've read but I don't have one to test with so I can't offer any advice on that. As far as errors, it is "beta" at this point. If you report the errors on the issues page of that link I'll be happy to help. I just want people to see the fixes so if they encounter the same problem they know how to fix it. Quick tip though if you're having trouble deleting any files reboot the system or make sure you end any "java*.exe" processes that are running and try again.