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  1. ndomiso

    New CRF owner

    This is a genius idea! Going to order one now!
  2. ndomiso

    New CRF owner

    Sorry, my bad. I meant the air filter is tricky!
  3. ndomiso

    New CRF owner

    Greetings It is a fantastic bike to own and ride! Very cheap to maintain and tyres last an age. I service mine every 15hrs and do the shims every 40. I would recommend running the best full synth that you can afford. The oil filter is bloody tricky but must be cleaned after every ride. Aliexpress has super cheap parts for the CRF so I but filters and pads in bulk every year. ENJOY!
  4. ndomiso

    DRZ400E through Africa

    Dont forget to run an extra clutch and accelerator cable for a back up. Put an extra inline fuel filter, the bigger the better.
  5. that is a real shame. Fabulous bike all round.
  6. ndomiso

    2019 KTM 300 XC-W TPI Six Days

    A thing of beauty! Keep the pics coming as you go please.
  7. Greetings.

    Loved the review regarding the Airpro Buddy.

    I am looking to buy one but cant find it anywhere on the NET. Please help?

    1. basmn


      I have reached out to the editor of TT and airpro.com to try and get u the info you require. In the mean time try contacting  




      Let me know how you make out.


      Contributing editor

      Thumper talk forum


    2. basmn


      Go to airprofork.com

      Click on products. And u will find the buddy plug. It has been put on there web page now.

      Hope this helps..


    3. ndomiso


      Thanks! Much appreciated.


  8. i have a yamaha tenere xt660z and it is the bomb! Once you do the mods and put proper tyres on her she will go anywhere.
  9. It was a little black switch with a pin that needed to be pushed in to start the bike
  10. I am in South Africa now. It is HOT here!
  11. 2002 DRZ 500e: Recently cut off a little switch on the left hand side on the handle bars. You sometimes had to push it in to start the bike. I thought that it was a safety feature that used to fit on the clutch. Since I cut it off, my bike is struggling to start when cold. Was this an engine decompression switch or is it a clutch safety switch?
  12. Shipping a gift to my brother.
  13. Does anybody have any suggestions regarding shipping my motorcycle from Colorado to Johannesburg in South Africa?
  14. Almost ready to embark on my trip from Aspen, CO to Belem in Brazil. Really want to buy a GPS but not sure which one? Dont want to fork out the $1000 for a motorcycle GPS. Any suggestions? Where would I download maps for Central and South America?
  15. ndomiso

    Official Colorado TT Rally Announcement!

    Do you also stay in Aspen?