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  1. It was a little black switch with a pin that needed to be pushed in to start the bike
  2. I am in South Africa now. It is HOT here!
  3. 2002 DRZ 500e: Recently cut off a little switch on the left hand side on the handle bars. You sometimes had to push it in to start the bike. I thought that it was a safety feature that used to fit on the clutch. Since I cut it off, my bike is struggling to start when cold. Was this an engine decompression switch or is it a clutch safety switch?
  4. Shipping a gift to my brother.
  5. Does anybody have any suggestions regarding shipping my motorcycle from Colorado to Johannesburg in South Africa?
  6. Almost ready to embark on my trip from Aspen, CO to Belem in Brazil. Really want to buy a GPS but not sure which one? Dont want to fork out the $1000 for a motorcycle GPS. Any suggestions? Where would I download maps for Central and South America?
  7. ndomiso

    Official Colorado TT Rally Announcement!

    Do you also stay in Aspen?
  8. ndomiso

    Riding my DRZ400e from Colorado to Brazil

    Have thought about packing but decided against it. Will keep a travel blog going, need it for some sponsorship. Got a South African passport so Cuba will be easy. Haiti seems like a problem.
  9. ndomiso

    Riding my DRZ400e from Colorado to Brazil

    Surfing is the reason I am heading to Belem. My friend has started up a kitesurfing school down there. Going to sell my bike when I get there and buy some land.
  10. ndomiso

    Riding my DRZ400e from Colorado to Brazil

    Just bought an aluminum fuel cell from a dune buggy company. $150 for a 3 gallon 8/16" cylinder. Will mount it at the bottom of my rear rack and feed it straight to the fuel system. Saves me spending $500 for a BIG tank. Now I am trying to find old military ammo cases or something similar to hold luggage. Dont want to spend to much on this, need the extra cash for bribes.
  11. ndomiso

    auxiliary fuel tank (number plate)

    Just bought a 3 gallon tank from a dune buggy manufacturer. It is light and will fit under my rear rack behind the plate. $150
  12. ndomiso

    Riding my DRZ400e from Colorado to Brazil

    to young to ride a gold wing.
  13. Brilliant advice, thank you.
  14. ndomiso

    Riding my DRZ400e from Colorado to Brazil

    Thanks for all the great feedback. Gonna follow a trail along the rockies, through new mexico, then into mexico. Toying with the idea of going from cancun across to cuba, haiti, puerto rico and then shipping the bikes to belene in brazil. The other option is heading through central america and then shipping the bikes from panama to rio and then riding them up to belen..