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    Who's been riding 30 years?

    In 1973 Yamaha JT1 60, NRVRA desert racing in Lancaster Ca, a place called the Ponderosa off ave J. Raced minicycles with NMA for 5 years, pro at 16 on the 1978 RM 125. Raced So Cal w/ names like Jeff Ward, Brian Myerscough, Warren Reed, Mike Brown, AJ Whiting to name a few. Now I ride D36 enduros in Nor Cal. Never stop riding it's good for the soul!
  2. tsatchel

    06 650L Oil Burn?

    Hello all, I bought my 06 650L new and change the oil every 1000 miles, followed the breakin procedure to the tee, changed oil at 300 and adjusted valves at 2000. It has 5600 miles on it now mostly at Hwy cruising speeds with some ripping in between. Is it normal to lose a little over half a quart of the 2 quarts I normally put in every 1000 miles or is something wrong? Any feed back apreciated. Tom
  3. I just installed a new "Muzzy" complete exhaust system with there quite core and spark arrestor screen. They told me at the time I ordered it that it would run at 94db. At the Sawmill enduro they tested it at 97db, 1 db over acceptable limits. I contacted Muzzy's and they told me that it tests fine in there tests. To appease me they are sending me some packing (Whoopie). So YZ owners I would recomend another brand of exhaust if you need to get below 97db.