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  1. jeremyr62

    Clock disconnect

    Answering my own question here. It's the red wire going into a block connector behind the speedo unit that includes red,orange,grey and black white. The red powers the clock memory so I've disconnected this one. For info the orange powers the display, the grey the backlights and the b/w is earth.
  2. jeremyr62

    Clock disconnect

    Been there done that. Less than 2mA which I worked out should give me about 130 days before battery is discharged. Unfortunately as many others have found it isn't quite as straightforward as that. 2 weeks seems enough to kill the battery. I have no idea why this is so. The YT7B-BS type seems very intolerant of discharging as well as I bought a new one, forgot to optimate it for a few weeks (after I 'd had it a few months) and then it would not hold sufficient charge to turn the bike over. Disconnecting the clock and running a line from reg/rect is the plan now.
  3. jeremyr62

    Clock disconnect

    I searched but couldn't find. Is the grey wire the one to disconnect the clock? Three batteries down despite optimating them so I hope this might help.