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    CRF450 & Trials Tire

    hahahahahaah.... I love kickin' the sh!t online!! It's right up there with having a road-rage incident on the drive into work, then realizing it was a co-worker when you pull into the parking lot... I may buy those back from ya!! I don't have any good googles...sold all my good MX gear when i "got out of" biking last time.. I would be at the WRE, but I'm takin' the whole fam-damily to Disney on Friday... I'll try make a couple enduro's...the one up in MO maybe? I don't have a computer, so I just sign up on a row with a AA and follow, hoping for the best...served me well at WR and OK last year but I got bumped up a class...
  2. ncj01

    CRF450 & Trials Tire

    Josh, brother...seriously... it's cool.... I'm as much making fun of you as I am of the whole Thumper Talk attitude..which is definately more of an argumentative Troll-like place than KTMtalk....that's just the nature of the beast. I'm just havin' fun, getting into character... don't take it so seriously. WR last year was my first ever Enduro...loved it, but admittedly by the middle of the final loop, I was serverely dog tired. I made Golden Eagle as well... but that was it for the season.. WR is my local riding area though. Come on over from Harrison and I'll show you the super-secret-sauce trail...Gnarly Single Track, which I'm certain will make you think twice about no trials tire. I rode out there for 4-5hrs on Saturday, was low 40's and raining, but otherwise good. It was first ride on my back-to-riding bike (06 3-hundy), and it ran like total dog crap...that's what I get for buying a bike online w/out test riding it first.... Hope that hitch-mounted bike carrier and roll-off's are workin' well for ya! Nathan
  3. ncj01

    CRF450 & Trials Tire

    FAIL OK...and I know a guy that packs his crack with Peanut Butter. What's any of that got to do with your knowledge of how a Trials Tire works or doesn't work? FAIL. You have no experience. So you don't know. FAIL. Wrong FAIL. Wrong. You jr High English is tough to understand..but in reality a trials tire has more "meat" between the ground and the rim. This will help prevent pinch flats, especially if the rider is changing from a oem 19" MX rim/tire combo. FAIL. "The resolve to this..."? No. FAIL. FAIL. A Trials tire is effective for a rider who wants more traction, and a longer lasting Tire. It's not class or speed related. ps - you sound FAST (300lbs, 450 and spin the tires a lot, riding A-class!!) The only shortcoming is you're discounting a product you've never tried, based on "your experience" and that it "looks gay".... This is a classic example of a typical TT.com post vs a typical KTMtalk.com post. It cracks me up. I like to play along. Whose says getting dragged down to thier level ain't fun sometimes!!
  4. you're using a quad ramp? Ride the bike in. 100%.
  5. ncj01

    CRF450 & Trials Tire

    Sounds like experience and Wisdom have prevailed over "Rad Metal Mulisha" teenagers logged in from their room at thier parents' house. I'm an A-Class HS/Enduro Racer in the NW Arkansas Mountains. We have rocks, roots, and hills. Lots of them, in any combination you want them. I resisted trying a trials tire for several years. Just didn't get it. Didn't BELEIVE that a short knobby could work. Then I was on a group ride about 2yrs ago with a guy who was clearly faster than me... he was running a worn out trials tire. And by worn out, I mean it had about 20% of the knobs remaining, the other 80% sheered off. He said he'd been on it for over a year, and it was still working great, that it's not about the knobs, its about the tire forming over obstacles, etc. He insisted I try one. I declined. He said, OK, I will BUY you one so you can try it... I again declined his offer to buy me one...but due to his level of insistance, I went ahead and bought myself one. I was already running Bibs (solid foam tubes for those Metal Mulisha guys who might not know what it is) becuase I often dent rims, so I installed with a Bib. 1 ride is all it takes. If you truly ride woods, on technical terrain, you'll be sold. If you're a "RAD DUDE" that likes to act fast on straight open sections and hang at the truck with your flame-job-tat's...then probably it's not for you. Here's a pic of one of my "Gay" Bikes. Ps: tip to Mr Gay - the "Gay-est" bike is the one in the rear...and the one that doesn't make it up the hill... To be fair, the only "down-sides" - although I don't think they ARE downsides.. 1) Slightly more "up front" cost, although can be had for around $65 bucks if you shop right. Also, becuase they last 3+ times as long, they're technically a lot cheaper. In fact, based on longer life, you could afford a trials tire AND a bib to go with it, and it would net out cheaper than running knobbies. 2) When you are skidding your back tire, they lose traction faster... as the shallow knobs will fill up quickly. This is marginal, but real. 2.5) If you're a Rad Metal Mulisha rider, and think it's cool to constantly be spinning your rear wheel and "blowing up berms", etc...then it looses it's traction advatange... a trials tire is not meant to be spun..but rolled for traction.. 3) They might give up a slight edge in DEEP SLOPPY BOTTOMLESS mud with no roots or rocks. But really...who rides in those conditions? A: No one. Just because a long ride has 1 muddy section, you want a tire that is advantageous in 90% of the riding conditions, not that 10% section.
  6. Good suggestion...i guess technically it could be that we turned up the idle after installing the rekluse... mine will idle a long time, easily... in gear with the clutch lever out...
  7. Don't know why, but bike has developed odd issue. --> on 1st start of the day, when bike starts, it panic-rev's very high/hard (i'm not reving it, but it revs itself - you have to push the kill button on/off to keep it from sounding like it'll blow) It doesn't do this upon subsequent re-starts throughout the day. bike seems jetted perfect (JD Jetting), and it wasn't doing it a few months ago. Nothing has changed that i know of. ?? Anyone? Buehler?
  8. ncj01

    Steering\Front-end Feels "Heavy"

    check front tire air pressure.
  9. ncj01

    Splitting Crankcase YZ 250, WR gear mod

    Can anyone provide an exact list of the parts needed??? Or is the popular way to do it to find old motor? If so, what exact years/models are suitable donnars?
  10. Exactly... I think there may be some area's in South or South-East Arkansas with no rocks at all...but I try not to even drive through there after dark...much less spend a day in the woods there... In the north 1/2 of the state, we just don't have any non-rocky spots. I think over in Oklahoma there might be some area's that would be better with a knobby. Specifically, at the Stillwater Enduro the ground was a combo of sand and clay...luckily it was dry, so we didn't get into mud, but I could see that if it got wet...would have been chaos - and perhaps a knobby would have been better.
  11. I'm in the NW part of the State - White Rock is my home-course/riding area. I ride almost exclusively there, unless it's a race somewhere. I was at the White Rock Enduro this year, and Overall'd the B-field...and 15th overall. Having ridden at White Rock for years, in every manner of trail condition (full driving rain, 4" of snow, ice still on ground from ice storm, to no-vision dust...I can say I think the trials definately works better in all conditions - in this area. There's simply not enough mud (even when completely muddy) to warrant a knobby... I think you need to have that deep bottomless greasy mud, with no rocks or roots....for a knobby to be better. In the mud, if there's rocks or roots in it, the trials tire forms around the solid mass and grabs it, moving you forward... That's been my experience anyway... ---- If you are close to White Rock, lets ride sometime, I can show you the super-secret single track, and some wicked gnarly stuff (trust me, if you don't have a trials tire now, you'll want one by the time we're done!!)!!
  12. Oh yea, the Sandy thing is what some of the guys call me in the state HS series... i was running 3rd/4th place all last year, then I got a personal trainer and did some lifting, etc. After summer break I came back and did the fall-opener, which happened to be co-sanctioned with the OMA's stop in the state... and I put a pretty serious whoopin' on the field..difference was I just didn't fatigue out like i usually do. After that...they call me sandy. Never mind I only got 10th on the season (too few races)...I moved to A after that, but have had a lot of personal stuff (custody fights, I won by the way), but I haven't ridden as much, and have gotten back out of shape, so now I'm in A, but out of shape, so I guess the joke's on me... Seals: I've heard it both ways...I actually just bought this bike a month ago (mostly stock at the time) with the seal savers on there... some say what you say, i've heard others say it will extend seal life, but you have to take them off and clean every few rides..I don't know... one thing about the 05, is that the fork gaurd rubbs the side of the fork just above the seal, chaffing it badly...i don't care fo that... pipe guard: see my above post..i've got a guard on there! rear: that was a coo fo'sho, I got it off a buddy cheap!!! an 18" rear is a must for me...i like the extra cushion, and I only run Trial's with Bib's now...so not much choice anyway... I scored 2 new excel 18x2.5's for my build, but didn't have to lace them up due to scoring that Talon/excel 18 from a buddy..it's pretty scratched up, but strong and true... and the spare 18's are just sitting... good extra's to have.
  13. Thanks guys, it's definitely a great bike. The rekluse PRO went in this weekend, and will be ridden hard later today (I've had several rekluse's in previous bikes, so I know what i'm getting into there). The 07 MB1 suspension will be installed later this week... I don't have the WR tranny yet...i want to do it though...I'm a little worried about the technical difficulty of installing...i mean, that's a full case-split, etc, right?? On that topic - where do folks get the gears? Find a used bottom end off ebay? Or are the few parts needed cheap enough that it makes better sense to just buy them outright from a dealer? Anyone have a full parts list? re: rear end - I resisted the whole trials tire thing for a looong time. Finally a faster than me riding partner was so insistent that he said he would GIVE ME ONE just to get me to try it. I didn't take it, but i did buy myself one. Once you try it, you don't go back...at least thats my experience. If you ride desert or something, maybe it wouldn't make sense. But yes, it's that good. Superior traction, and it lasts 3x longer than a standard knobby. Oh, I forgot to mention: i'm running a Bib Mouse in the rear as well. Giddyup!! ps: I have a pipe guard on there (see pic's)... i think it's wrapped too far around on the gear-shifter side, but the pipe is already tweaked so i figure if i take a smash on it, i'll just get a new pipe...
  14. You need not stress that Yammi isn't making a woods racing 2stroke anymore. It's really not that hard to make a YZ250 into an Enduro/HS Racer. I'm just coming off of a couple KTM300's, which were pretty tricked, but this blue bike is pretty good too. My no-compromise list was: *OS tank *FWW *18" w/Trials *Rekluse PRO *Cycra Pro-Bends *Stabalizer After that, it's all gravy. That gravy list includes stuff like: *wider pegs - pending *re-worked suspension (MB1 top revalve service off 07 bike in this case) *PMB Kick-it *rear Bib Mouse *JD Jetting kit *Sidewinder Ti 2 Lifetime sprockets + smart chain *TM Design Guide *Devol Rad Guards *skid plate *grips i like w/donuts *vanity colored plastic and minor graphics work *Gnarly / Turbine Core FMF Sparky (not installed) *OS bar - this is an 05 bike *tall seat, custom cover *Ultra HD Bridgestone front tube *IRC Vulcan Enduro front tire *some minor bling bling that's not installed (chain adjusters, etc) How does it ride, you ask? ha.ha.hah.a.... yeeeaaaa.... I think you know.
  15. ncj01

    Range on a YZ250 stock tank???

    Same here. I have the JD Jetting kit in my 05. I've been on 4.5hr social rides, and can't seem to burn much over 1/2 of my Clarke oversized tank. That's at a solid B+ pace in primarily single track. My buddy on his 08 YZ, on the same ride, burns about 3/4 gallon more than me during the same 4.5hr ride. He doesn't have the JD kit, but is buying it.