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  1. Rear Shock... The lower valve adjuster is stuck. It wont budge at all. Is their a quick fix for this or do I need to get it serviced?
  2. Questions: 1: Can you put the electric start kit on a 2005 300 MXC? 2: Dose it have a cdi that can accept the map switch. 3: Can you use the different exhaust valve springs to tune it like the 07 and later models? MY ADV
  3. First oil front fork oil change questions: 1: What weight of oil? I have purchased 2 quarts of 5w. 2: How to empty the old oil? 3: How much oil to refill and to what level? MY ADV
  4. I have a 05 450 EX/C and have noticed that the spark plug electrode is very black and suited with carbon. I believe that this is from a rich mixture. It has about 100 hrs on it and gets an average range of 33 to 40 miles on a single tank of fuel. I have adjusted the vales several times and the clearances are correct. What are the proper steps to tune or adjust the carberator? MY ADV