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  1. CRF RedRider

    Best training wheels for Honda CRF50

    Everyone - and I mean everyone that I've talked to that put their child on a bike without training wheels first crashed and didn't want to ride again. Our little guy is 4 years old - speed will be a definite factor with his learning curve. If they become scare of it - it will take twice as long to get them back up and riding - if at all. He knows pain from falling off his bicycle, fear is my main concern.
  2. CRF RedRider

    Best training wheels for Honda CRF50

    Which set of wheels did you decide on? We're at the point now with our little one. He's got the pedal bike down - I just don't want him to crash first time out and be scare of it. We figure with the wheels he won't have to worry about balance - just working the throttle, shifting and brakes.
  3. CRF RedRider

    Best training wheels for Honda CRF50

    Where did you get the remote kill switch from?
  4. CRF RedRider

    PSER 2-Day Fun Run on Memorial Day Weekend

    Haven't ridden since they closed it, I'm just the type of person that respect their decision to close it and don't need to be told not to ride there. We spent many years riding there and just wish they would open it up again.
  5. CRF RedRider

    HB1515 - Lane splitting

    Don't know what happened with this post. However - highmarker, the state, a city or county is responsible for damages to your vehicle for known problems. You have to address the problem in a letter to that agency. By sending a letter they are now aware. The state is responsible for a lot of damages that occur around the state. For instance, if you hit a deer - the state pays to have your vehicle repaired. Many people just turn it into their insurance, but ask your agent if they bill the state. Chances are they do, if he/she says no - drop that insurance. tod701 - it was just easier to say congress person - but I know.
  6. CRF RedRider

    HB1515 - Lane splitting

    If this state did wise up and allow lane splitting - motorcyclist everywhere should be cheering. First off, I would carry a camera on the front and rear of my bike. (I already do for videoing rides) And make people think before they try to hinder your travel. Also knowing the law and repeating to the arrogant or self appointed cops is helpful. When writing to your prospective congress person - inform them that if your bike engine ceases in traffic that you will sue. They know this is a problem and are not doing anything to fix it. By stating your intentions to sue you are informing they of the hazard. (I have already done so in my letter) Just my two cents.
  7. CRF RedRider

    PSER 2-Day Fun Run on Memorial Day Weekend

    Well crap, I missed it by half an hour. Thought the last bike out was at 11:30. Do you think you will be putting on a second fun run - like you use in the old days? Sure wish they would open up a riding area there again - we use to ride it every other weekend. My kids grew up learning to ride there.
  8. CRF RedRider

    Too Old to Learn?

    Got to agree with the rest of the crowd. I'm 56 and still ride and will continue as long as possible. Taught my kids then followed them around on the trails for years until I couldn't keep up. When I lost sight of them I was scared to death but soon learned that they were good riders and we had rules on the trails so we didn't get separated. We even all have our drivers endorsements. A family that rides together - stays together. Now it's time to start teaching the grandkids!
  9. CRF RedRider

    2013 Shelton Valley Enduro

    So that means the poker run is coming soon. Love riding Shelton. Sure wish is was open to the public again. That is some great riding.
  10. CRF RedRider

    Dad looking for bike advice for tallish (5'9") daughter

    I'm 5'9" and my daughter is 5'7 1/2", we both ride 250's. She's been riding my honda 250x since she was 15, she had the crf230. Finally we went out and bought her a wr250 to ride. The honda crf250x is a great trail and track bike with the suspension set up - can do almost anything. Power is easy to control and I find the center of gravity to be very balanced. Suggestion, if you haven't already bought one. Do you have some friends that are willing to let her ride their bikes to try? Just a thought.
  11. CRF RedRider

    2012 Shelton Valley Enduro

    Think Shelton will ever open back up to open riding? I so missing riding there.
  12. CRF RedRider

    What do you do when you can't ride?

    Ride my Harley Night Rod Special. I ride one bike or another - doesn't matter so long as I can ride. And sometimes *cringe* I ride a quad. Or if I can't possibly ride for one reason or another - I just enjoy being a Grandma.
  13. CRF RedRider

    Discover Passes for disabled vets – HB2161

    This state already has a access system in place for disabled veterans to have free access to parks and recreations. However, when they wrote the legislation for the discover pass they specifically wrote in there the vets were not exempt. Go figure.
  14. CRF RedRider

    Stolen Kids bikes

    One thing I've learned over the years is thieves talk. And if these are kids - have your kids listen in school for anyone that 'just got a bike'. Kids make the worst thieves because they talk the most.
  15. CRF RedRider

    Belfair riding to keep getting more expensive

    Eyman didn't actually write the toll initiative. He was a co-sponsor. Had it passed it would have been thrown out in court because there was more than one item in it. The tolls and light rail. So it would have lost either way. He needs to write an initiative (primary because no one else will) that will control these tolls. Meaning when the item is paid for the tolls come down. Look at the tax for the Safco field (one of them, can't remember) One is paid for but the state will not drop the tax because it brings in too much money. What's the tolls up to now?