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  1. wpsnowman

    Looking for a pic........

    I wrote a thread on the 06 wiring harness and going buy your pic its the same as mine notice how tight the orange wire is being pulled. I would do what I did and loosen up harness before it breaks.
  2. wpsnowman


    you don't need one yet...lol First see how you like the power band it has now.
  3. wpsnowman

    manual for ttr250

    I just bought my kid a 06 ttr250. I only recieved a regular small bike manual with it. Every other Yamaha including the ttr125 came with a full service manual, but the guy @ the dealership said this one didn't. Is this true?
  4. wpsnowman

    valve adj. for 06 450

    2001 YZ426 never had to adj valves yet. 2001 YZFR1 checked valves but never had to adj.
  5. I put my new "THE WORKS" radiator guards on this weekend. Look great, installed well. In the process I went through and checked some of the bike over. You might want to check under your front number plate. The way MY harness was ran and tied down put allot of strain on some of the wires (future problem..lol). It was easy to fix just cut some of the existing tie wraps loosened up and re-tie. I also installed a new "THE WORKS" skid plate. All went fairly well with that also, but anyone else installing one of these might want to check the clearance between the skid plate mounting holes and frame. Once I snugged plate against frame there was appx. .150" gap between them. Now you could just lock-tite (like instructions say) and pull plate up to frame but that would put allot of stress on the frame mounting tabs and bolts so I put spacers between. This makes it allot nicer.
  6. wpsnowman

    How much did you pay for your 2006 YZ450F

    I called dealerships (incl. canada) with in 300 miles. Found my cheapest price, then called the dealership I wanted to buy from. Actually my wife called them back women seem to be better at barting especially when its not there toy. They matched it I drove 250 miles picked it up. the price $6800 OTD that is what I wrote on the check! Oh yeah its the LE. Had to have black & yellow. Ordered my new HJC black carbon fiber helmet to go with my yellow oakley mirrored googles. I should look pretty dam good when I get out there and dump it.....LOL When I had my brand new 426f in 2001 out for the first time, I broke it in nice then cranked on the throttle 20 min later....Bike flipped took out handle bars, radiator, shrods and rear fender...looking back I can see why my best friend laughed it was pretty funny.....
  7. wpsnowman

    E-Line Carbon/Kevlar skid plate for the 2006

    I love the way it looks But I bought the works skid plate. No problems there but for what you paid I would definatly be PO'ed I'd call and just ask at least.
  8. wpsnowman

    Just got me one!

    I was going to buy that LE at K&W...LOL ended up in East Jordan MI and got mine 6800.00 OTD LE. Still waiting for this MI weather to break. Good Luck
  9. wpsnowman

    Works Connection Radiator Cages - available now!!!

    Just got home told wife and kids I need radiator guards before we all go riding. next thing ya know I go online and see this...LOL message from the motor cycle god . I ordered guards and skid plate. $179.00 shipped hope I'm not disapointed. Probably not, I used WORKS CON on my cr500,KX500 very pleased. YZ426 came with skid plate from factory. But when I bought that in 2001 20 min into first ride.......Crashed and took out radiator. I have since learned....lol THANKS!!! Now if I could just get a message from the motor cycle god on where to get GOOD stickers for Blk/Yel yz, Life would be better....
  10. I totally agree, Also an air leak would cause it to lean out. But if it was fine before and now its not I would not lean towards replacing jets. If the jet is clean and worked good before why change or resize. More than likely your valves need to be adj.
  11. wpsnowman

    2006 YZ450 Ever check oil cold?

    Ok let me ask this. If at all possible and convenient could someone check there oil when motor is cold. Also as stated above I checked cold and that was with dip stick screwed in which usually you wouldn't do.
  12. Well I recieved my new 450 2 weeks ago. I have yet to start it (I'm very patient) because its recommended you shouldn't garage run it until after break in. Needless to say I can see they started at dealer ship and spun rear tire . My question has any one ever pulled oil dip stick when engine is cold? I know Yamaha puts oil in from factory and the dealer ship said they started and checked it. But last night I decided what the hell where is at when cold. The answer, just touchs bottom of stick. Maybe I should just run in gargage for 3 min like manual says and check. Any feed back. It's always these stupid little things that keep me up all night...LOL
  13. wpsnowman

    Magazine reviews & opinions

    Oh yeah! Forgot love the site. Great info and fourms very informational. Plus I don't need to goto bar any more and discuss politics and religon to get a good debate going...LOL
  14. wpsnowman

    Magazine reviews & opinions

    Thats pretty much what I am refering too. The statement above hits the nail on the head. Just such a drastic differance. I really wasn't refering to pay out or bribes, Just major differances which seems to be explained above. I will say though that HI horse power(Human Impression) I found a little off beat and if they did have that there should have also been the actual HP graph.
  15. wpsnowman

    Magazine reviews & opinions

    Refering to above, Thats what I'm asking. Theres nothing wrong with us as a consumer sticking to what brand we prefer for what ever reasons. But there are also some consumers that are NOT brand sensitive and want to know what bike did turn in the best lap time average, or had the most HP on a dyno. Why because that might be what there going to but that year.