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  1. ericlopezdirtrider

    klx 300 help

    I'm not to mechanically inclined. I kno that's in the carb but where exactly is it and how would I fix it?
  2. ericlopezdirtrider

    klx 300 help

    I have a 2003 klx 300 and its not running right. It won't idle without the choke on.with the choke on it will idle but everytime I crack the throttle it will either die or it will stutter and take a few seconds for it to rev up. Not sure what is wrong so any help would be appreciated.
  3. ericlopezdirtrider

    radio install help

    its a 1998 ford f150. im not sure if i have a good place 2 ground it, i put it behind a screw
  4. ericlopezdirtrider

    radio install help

    im trying to install a stereo in my truck. i got it all wired but there is no power going 2 it. i rewired it, and checked the fuses and still nothing. i ground it 2 a screw, im not sure if that is good enough. any suggestions on how 2 get it working would b greatly appreciated
  5. ericlopezdirtrider

    bike bogs

    i have a 2003 klx300. the bike starts normal but when i give it throttle it will sometimes bog down then start to rev up, other times it will bog down and die. Could it be that it is low on oil pressure, or needs an oil change. any information would be good as to my bikes problems. i bought the bike used so i do not know if the previous owner did anything to it the carb. it used to run fine. i took it for a ride and nothing was wrong. then the next time i tried to ride it this happened.
  6. ericlopezdirtrider

    jetting ttr125

    my bike is hard to start. i am pretty sure it is the jetting. i have a bbr exhaust pipe,h&n air filter,snorkel removed. but i have not done anything to the jetting. i ride in about a 2000-4000ft elevation. what size and kind of jets should i get.
  7. ericlopezdirtrider


    with a red sticker when are you not alowed to ride at certain places. i want to race in harescrambles. would this be a good bike for that.
  8. ericlopezdirtrider


    i am thinking of getting a used kx125. i was wondering if there were any years to look out for. i want to get a 2002 so that it will be green stickered.i dont know anything about 2t or about kx125. any info would be appreciated.
  9. ericlopezdirtrider

    klx300 in sand

    i am going to be going to sand mountain in a few days and was wondering if i really needed to get a paddle tire. i just got a brand new maxxis si tire. would that at least get me around without to much trouble. i know that a paddle tire would be a lot better to have but i am short on time and i dont know if i will be able to get one. i have an 03 klx300.
  10. ericlopezdirtrider


    i think i will be going with the 125. thanks for all your guys help
  11. ericlopezdirtrider


    i was thinking that a 125 would be good for me. but the 250 is only 500 dollars more than the 125 so it would meke more sense financially to get the 250.
  12. ericlopezdirtrider


    i am 15 years old. i am about five foot five inches. i plan on using it a little for everything. i have a klx300 that i would use more for trails though.but i want the rm for a mx bike.
  13. ericlopezdirtrider


    it is a 2006
  14. ericlopezdirtrider


    i might be getting a rm250. i was wondering if it would be too much bike for me. it is only a few hundred more than the 125 so it makes sense to get it. i am only 105 pounds. i have been riding a little over 3 years. any help would be appreciated.
  15. ericlopezdirtrider

    04 yz 125

    i am thinking of buying my friends 2004 yz125. it has been raced but it looks to be in pretty good condition. it has about 450 dollars worth of parts put into it. it has a brand new top end. but he blew up the motor not too longago. he fixed it but should there be anything special to look into. he is asking for 2000 dollars. any info would be appreciated.