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  1. jjbridw

    early '90's DR650 question

    The only way I know to lower it would be at the shock just by softening it up a bit. By softening the rear of mine it sits about 2 1/2" lower when I get on it. As far as exhaust goes, you can pretty much use anything you want as long as you get the air/fuel ratio correct. I've got a 91' with a DMC pro quiet exhaust for a CRF 450, works great and its very quiet.
  2. jjbridw

    Exhaust wanted

    I'm looking for an exhaust for a 91 DR 650. Stock or aftermarket. Anyone have one they can sell or know where I can get one?
  3. jjbridw

    Is a glowing exhaust normal?

    My 91' used to do that even at idle. Found out that the air filter was severely gunked up. installed new air filter and problem solved.
  4. jjbridw

    trying to figure this out with out a service manual

    Yes, behind/underneath skidplate. Remove skidplate and you'll see the bolt. Very simple.
  5. jjbridw

    Carb question?

    The vent hoses seem to be ok, cleared and not pinched or blocked off. Is it possible that there is some head pressure in the tank itself that would force fuel into the carb?
  6. jjbridw

    Carb question?

    A vent hose coming off the right side of the carb was routed on the side by the seat and where the plastics connect. It is possible that when I sit on it I might have been putting pressure on the hose. I re-routed the hose. I'll find out in the morning if it helps.
  7. jjbridw

    Can I fix misalaingned Front end?

    Have you looked at the bike from the front. After I crash, usually I tend to tweak the forks in the triple clamp. I uasually fix it by putting the front wheel between my knees and grabbing the handlbars and twist, like when you were a kid on a bike. Then tighten the associated hardware.
  8. jjbridw

    Carb question?

    My bike every once in a while and now more often than not is leaking fuel out of the overflow. It will do it sometimes when I first start my ride to work or maybe when I come to a stop after riding a while. I checked the floats and they seem to be working ok, as a matter of fact I've even replaced them with new ones and this doesn't change it. Any ideas on what's going on?
  9. jjbridw

    Jt 1448-14

    not sure if its the same issue i had but when i put on a new 15t on my bike, only 2 of the three holes lined up so i had to open up the holes on the cover 1 size larger for clearance and that took care of it.
  10. jjbridw

    Axle nut torque spec?

    I've got a 91' DR650. Does anyone know what the torque spec is for the axle nut? I'm putting a new tire on today and could reaaly use any assistance. Thankx
  11. jjbridw

    Best paint?

    If I could figure out how to get a pic of my 91 on this website, trust me, you'de see that looks mean nothing to me. I ride it hard and it's taken it's share of falls over 31K miles. Gonna try and paint most of it this weekend. Anyone know how to remove the factory decal on the metal tank? Seems like its undrneath a clearcoat.
  12. jjbridw

    Best paint?

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the Krylon and keep you posted.
  13. jjbridw

    Best paint?

    My bike is old and I want to rattlecan the front fender and sides. Any reccommendations on what type of paint to use?
  14. jjbridw

    Fuel overflow

    While my bike was idling, all of a sudden feul began pouring out of the overflow and would I would attempt to give it a little throttle, it would bog heavily. This continued for about a minute until I shut it off then restarted and the problem stopped. this is the second time, only the first time was while after driving for 40 minutes and coming to a light. Seems to me like the floats are getting stuck. any other suggestions?
  15. jjbridw

    82' 200 Xl?