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  1. Neski8

    610 Dead AGAIN

    Sorry to see your engine pics, know how difficult those Husky parts are to find. What year is your 610? I might be interested in some parts if you decide to break. I am currently running a TC610 1996 that I rebuilt. I also have a complete engine for a TE410 97, for sale if you are interested. Also a barrel and a crank from a 97 410 Thanks Neski8 graham@hotgarlic.com
  2. Neski8

    TE410 97 Cam chain

    I am nearing the end of my 410 rebuild and wanted to know if anyone can suggest a suitable replacement cam chain. As far as I know the standard is a DID219FTH but I am not sure as to how many links the TE410 should have. I bought the engine in bits and the accompanying cam chain was also in several pieces. Any help much appreciated. I live in Australia and parts are hard to come by and expensive. If anyone knows a good UK supplier, I can have it shipped. I have been riding my 96TC610 and am keen to see the difference between the two. Thanks in advance Neski8
  3. Neski8

    Re-Wiring help!!!

    I have the wiring diagram for a 96 TE610 from my owners manual. Bound to be the same! Send me an email and I will send you a PDF. Cheers Neski8 graham@hotgarlic.com
  4. I am currently rebuilding the bottom end of my 610TC. The cage has collapsed on the BE roller bearing. Managed to split the crank by making my own tool for the job and have managed to get the main bearings out by gently heating the crankcases. Have also had the pin pressed from the crank to release the con rod. No damage to pin or con rod!! I am trying to find a replacement bearing but have no idea of the part number. It is listed as one complete assembly in the Husky Parts manual. I know Husqvarna use a range of bearings in their bikes: The main bearings are SKF Any help on sourcing or part numbers for the BE Roller Bearing much appreciated.
  5. Neski8

    TC610 no spark

    I got my puller from Dennis Stubblefield Sales, Capistrana Beach, Calif. $16 28mm x 1.5mm R.H. Internal Thread. Advertisies on ebay Shipped mine to Oz. Great piece of kit!! Neski8
  6. Neski8

    Replacement Plastics for '98 610 TE

    Good source for new decals is ebay UK. www.ebay.co.uk I got a set of Ceet graphics for my 96 610TC for $20 (AUD) + $20 postage Paid with Paypal and they were happy to post to Australia. Limited choice, but if you want a fresh look. cheers Neski8
  7. Neski8

    TC 610 Ignition Timing

    Hi Graeme, Yes mine is also Ducati Ignition. Magnets are in a plastic sleeve. Gold Coast Ducati charged me $100 to re-glue magnets. Very secretive about how the magnets are lined up, so I guess it can't be too difficult. When I refitted the flywheel the bike started, but did not run as sweetly as it did on the old magnet setting. I can only assume the magnets have been set in a different place and hence altered the ignition timing. I have been manually advancing the timing by adjusting the backplate, but have yet to receive any advice on how to time it correctly. The manual just says line up the timing marks! Which is no help in my case. Let me know how you go with your re-glue Cheers Graham
  8. Neski8

    TC 610 Setup

    Any luck with the ignition timing set up? Need the same info if you have?
  9. I have just had the flywheel magenets re-glued on my 96 TC610. After refitting she is now running very rough. Hard to start, backfiring, running lumpy etc. I know there is a degree of movement on the back plate for advance or retard, but can anyone advise on how to get the timing set up correctly? Any help much appreciated! Neski8
  10. Neski8

    TC610 no spark

    I have recently undergone the same thing. Magnets came unglued on my 96 TC610 after a hard days ride. Had to order a flywheel puller from the states. Great piece of Kit. Gold Coast Ducati reglued my flywheel and have refitted. Only problem I now have is the timing is shot! Anyone have any ideas about how to get the timing right on the TC 610 Neski8
  11. Neski8

    Flywheel Magents TC610

    Thanks for the advice! Managed to get Gold Coast Ducati to re-bond the magnets into the flywheel for $100. Have now got it all back together and running, but very rough with some back firing. Looks like I will have to look at the timing! Anyone got any advice on timing 610's? Cheers for the asssitance Neski8
  12. Flywheel magnets on my 96 TC610 have come adrift. Got to the problem pretty quickly with the help of TT forums. Am keen to have a go at rebonding magnets! Can anybody suggest a suitable bonding adhesive available in Australia and anything to watch out for when alligning magnets? Don't really want to get a new flywheel and Husqvarna specialists are few and far between here in Oz. Any help or advice much appreciated.