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  1. CanMayKaw

    fuel mileage on a dr650?

    I have a bone stock 2006 Dr650 and I am getting about 50 or slightly above 50. I have checked out my speedometer with at GPS and it reads about 5 mph faster then it is going so I have figured that into my mileage. I also run mostly on the freeway 65-70 mph. About 35 miles of my 45 mile commute one way is freeway. I usually have 5 gallon cans in the garage to fill it up and then figure my mileage over 5 to 10 gallons at a time to get a better average. Anyway this is what I do hope it helps. I forgot I am not exactly stock I have put on a K&N air filter but I did not notice a increase or decrease in my mileage after putting it on.
  2. CanMayKaw

    Suzuki Rack vs. Pro Billet Rack - And Questions

    I just put the Suzuki rack on my bike today. I think it will really work out good. Yes the fender is marked with X's. (I found this out after I put the fender back on and marked the bottom with a marking pen.) The rack is plenty sturdy. I was able to carry a case of beer home without the rack but wanted to save my fender from scratches. So just follow the directions its not hard to do, the wires for the turn signals and break lights have quick disconnects to get them apart easy. When I put the break light wires back together I used a screwdriver to push the quick disconnects together it has a plastic protector around it so it was hard to get it to connect right without the screwdriver. As far as torquing I haven't done it yet but am going to bring my torque wrench home from work and then just double check it to see how close it is. I think if you just snugged them good that would work. To drill the holes I used a 5/8 spade drill bit. It worked good. Just pay attention to how the wires are routed so that you don't get them too close to your exhaust pipe when you put them back on. Its really not that hard just like I said earlier just follow the directions and you shouldn't have any problems. But I think the stock one will work out fine for me and I always have my bag on the back of my bike.
  3. CanMayKaw

    2006 DR650SE at 1600 miles

    I have a 06 650 and I never noticed the popping noise until I put my skid plate on. But then after I put it on a stand I heard it pop a couple of times after I took it off. It did it a couple of times not running and then while I was riding down the freeway I heard it pop. I left it off the stand and rode it a couple of times with no popping. It did pop once more the other day when I was stuck in stop and go traffic and I'm sure the engine was warming up a little more. But I think it is coming from the skid plate. Or at least thats my guess.
  4. CanMayKaw

    How off is my speedometer?

    I had the same question when I bought mine. It is reading about 5 mph fast at speeds around 40 mph. When I go down the freeway at 65 it is reading about 72. I have checked it with my GPS. (They are pretty cool with the handle bar mounts.) Hopefully this will help you out some.
  5. CanMayKaw

    Dr 650se Is The Speedometer Accurate?

    Thanks for all the input on my question. I think I will get a GPS to check it out plus it might be neat to have one when I go out on the trails. From what I have read a lot of them are like mine. I could use the GPS in my truck to because I know for sure its off because of different tires. Thanks again for all the answers. CanMayKaw
  6. CanMayKaw

    Dr 650se Is The Speedometer Accurate?

    I see they are off a little. When the weather gets nicer I'm going to drive around and find a "Your speed is" radar station put out by the cops and make a few passes so that I get a better idea on how off it is. Thanks for your input. On a different subject how do you activate the Avatar and add pictures by your name?
  7. CanMayKaw

    Dr 650se Is The Speedometer Accurate?

    I just bought a 2006 DR650SE it seems like the speedometer isn't really accurate. I usually drive 5 mph over the speed limit (Got a ticket recently. )but it seems like I need to go 10 mph above the speed limit to keep the cars from passing me or riding on my tail. I went on the freeway for the first time yesterday and the same thing. I was going 70 and just barely keeping up with traffic. So I'm not sure if people are cruising along faster now that the weather is getting nicer or if its just me. Anyway I'm curious if anyone else has notice this or what your comments are.
  8. CanMayKaw

    Northwest riders, pin your loaction on the map

    Hey thats pretty neat. It will be interesting to see how may people put their dot on the map. You said to keep it clean so I put in the cleanest picture of my bike that I have.
  9. CanMayKaw

    Just bought a new DR 650

    I just bought a new 2006 also. You got about the same deal that I did maybe a little cheaper. I was told by the dealer that I got a better deal then a guy did on a 2005 the previous week. I also checked out all the dealers locally and made some phone calls asking for their best price. I paid $5544.00 out the door. So far it has just been on the street. (185 miles so far this week.) I don't want to take it off road until I get a good skid plate on it. I have looked and seen what some other people have and will check into getting one soon. Right now most of my time is spent riding it and then spending the rest of the evening warming up.