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    Independant Race Shop

    Yes, the guys at Independent have been doing suspension for a while; both Matt & Bryce have over 12 years experience. They are very familiar with all brands of suspension and have lots of experience setting up all of the different brands. Both Matt and Bryce come from a strong suspension background. Matt was the owner/operator for the West Coast franchise of Pro-Action at one time and Bryce was trained and worked along side with Jim "Bones" Bacon at Pro Circuit. You mention that you ride motocross and that is right up these guys alley. They actually do more motocross revalving than they do off-road, but believe me they are very good at both. When the new RMZ 450 was developed, these guys worked very closely with a lot of the Suzuki Amateur racers testing and developing suspension setups for those bikes. They also worked closely with a lot of the Honda Amateur support racers through the recommendation of Eric Crippa. Today, Independent Racing does all of the suspension for the Powerhouse Racing Team located in Paso Robles. Quite a few of the racers that IRS works with are multi-time championship winners at Loretta Lynn’s, Ponca City, Lake Whitney, Mammoth and GFI. They have worked with Josh Grant, Michael LaPaglia, Evan Laughridge, Michael Hall and Charlie Morrison during their amateur rankings. Today, professional racers, Bobby Bonds, Rusty Holland and Jeff Pestana choose Independent Racing Suspension as their first choice for suspension revalving. These guys at Independent are very familiar with Showa and Kayaba suspension and know how to get it dialed in, trust me; you will not be disappointed in their service. Ryano
  2. Ryano207

    Independant Race Shop

    I have IRS do all of my suspension work exclusively. The owners Matt and Bryce really know what they are doing and their work is absolutely the BEST suspension I have ever ridden on (and I have had my suspension tuned by numerous shops/tuners over the years). I have had them set up all of my Hondas and Kawasakis for offroad and I found it easier to ride my bikes faster for a longer period without getting arm pump or fatigued. They set them up to be soft in the initial stroke for those squared edge stutter bumps, rocks, roots and then in the midstroke it stiffens up for large whoops and finally the last part of the stroke becomes really stiff. Now, when I want to go out and race MX on these bikes, all I do is add a few clicks of compression to the fork and shock and the suspension works great without bottoming. Trust me, you will not be dissapointed in their work, just be sure to tell them what you want your suspension set up for (MX, Hare Scrambles, Enduro, Desert, etc, etc...). What type of riding are you looking to get the suspension done for? Please feel free to ask me any specifc questions you may have about IRS Suspension. Ryano