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  1. jackdrinker48015

    Pastrana is nuts

    This is funny because in person, he is so beyond normal... After Sno*Drift we were at the awards banquet and he was there, no crowds.. With Tanner Foust, just hanging out.. Called my boss's kid and informed her to do bette with the grades so they could "hang out"...
  2. jackdrinker48015

    Official Thread: 2009 Michigan Woman’s Ride

    HAHAHAHAHAH....... Well, I am the happy guy, unless your around... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Honestly, Im 99.9% sure I will NOT be there.. Between Cori's bike set-up, work hours and building a rally car.. I just cant afford to do it...
  3. jackdrinker48015

    Official Thread: 2009 Michigan Woman’s Ride

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......... It must be my super wicked case of ADD, BUT, I picked this up right from he start... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
  4. jackdrinker48015

    Official Thread: 2009 Michigan Woman’s Ride

    I have the complete map set loaded on my Garmin...
  5. jackdrinker48015

    Losing Weight

    When i got into chemical lawncare I lost 40 pounds in one summer from nothing but going to work.. This was with TruGreen Chemlawn, I did the math once and it came to an average of 15 miles a day in the heat, pushing a 50# fert spreader.. When I started my operation, I gained 20#'s of that back.. I made investment in motorized equipment to make the job flow faster and I also had more time to drink beer after work.. You could always try the old stand-by, crystal meth... J/K
  6. jackdrinker48015

    anybody have a michigan trail map

    http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/1,1607,7-153-10365_15070_15080-38330--,00.html Thats the ORV map section...
  7. jackdrinker48015

    08' RMZ450 shock spring on an 07' KX250F

    Oh well, out bid.. Anyone have a good used take-off to sell? 5.4-5.6
  8. Im kinda in a hurry here, sorry.. There is an 08' RMZ450 shock spring on evilbay, all the charts say it is a 5.5 and this is what I need for my 07' KX250f.. Im pretty sure I know the answer is yes, it will work.. Just need a little input.. Thanks
  9. jackdrinker48015

    Official Thread: 2009 Michigan Woman’s Ride

    Ya dude, its not all about you...
  10. jackdrinker48015

    If you like WRX's.

    Actually 530WHP+ is not that hard on the 2.5 engine.. Properly tuned they are quit stout...
  11. jackdrinker48015


    I would only be huge in a oompa-loompa convention...
  12. jackdrinker48015


    I would STAND FAST... I am "pro-woman" and was raised by a single mother..
  13. jackdrinker48015


    How, taking off articles of clothing has nothing to do with selling your body and soul... It is a business and it is classified as "adult entertainment"... Stripping in a reputable establishment is not the same as giving $$'s in the Wal-Mart parking lot.. Honestly, very little goes on in higher class facility. When I go with my buddies we spend more time talking about beer and bikes than staring at boobs.. There are a large portion of men that go because it is a MENS club...
  14. jackdrinker48015


    Sometimes, those are the options.. Just like life, options change and thats when we take a different path..
  15. jackdrinker48015


    HOLD ON... You gotta keep following as Im trying to point out a flaw in your "pro woman" ideas.. People in this country FROWN UPON the idea of a young women being preggo, correct? Women that had to deal and cope with this should know first hand how it feels to be shunned... Now, how is it a "pro-woman" action of idea to default another woman that is in the same situation but is choosing a different path in dealing with the situation..