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  1. XCR583

    Clutch No Neutral

    The oil is synthetic Suzuki oil, I would hope that they gave me the correct weight oil. I have tried adjusting it but that hasnt seemed to help. I will look at some of the other options. I am hoping to sell it and justed wanted to try and get it fixed before I sold it. One street bikes that Ive rode, never had a problem getting them into neutral when they were running.
  2. XCR583

    Clutch No Neutral

    93 DR 650 bike has ~13000 miles. When bike is running cant get it to go into neutral. Soon as you shut the bike off, pops right in. Ive read about the guys with the DR350's clearancing the clutch basket where they are shaving a couple thousands off the gear behind the clutch basket. Is this what I need to do? Is this popular with the older 650's also? Other than this, clutch feels fine. Any suggestions?
  3. XCR583

    Fuel for DR's - Regular or Premium?

    I have just used regular 87 octane in mine this summer.
  4. XCR583

    What is your DR650 kick start method??

    For my 93 Dr650, I kick it with the choke on when cold. Key for me is dont touch the gas till it sits and warms up a little. Otherwise it just stalls right out.
  5. XCR583

    DR650 repair question - plz help!

    Sorry cant help ya on your lights, but what repair manual did you get and where did you get it from?
  6. XCR583

    93 DR650 What should I do?

    I would check things over like El Hombre said and make sure your motor is in good condition first. With only 7000 miles though, if it was taken care of at all, it shouldnt be to bad. I have a 93 650 also. Got it this spring. Has about 15,000 miles, maybe more. Title showed 12,000 but speedometer was new and showed ~3000 miles. Anyhow, when I got it, it had a new timing chain put on and the valves adjusted. IT also had a K&N air filter. Ran decent but after reading on here, knew I could get more out of her. I bought a Dynojet kit, and a quick adjust fuel screw from Jesse at Keintech . He knows his stuff very well. Reccomend calling him when you buy the stuff and talking to him. He had me cut the top of the air box open also. I also took the exhaust off and ground the weld where the flange and pipe are welded together. I also bought a new petcock from him and ditched the crappy factory one that was leaking. Follow the directions from dynojet. There are also troubleshooting tips with the dynojet kit. I had to raise the needle up one from there reccomendations because the bike was surging. I may raise it one more, still has a little surging. After the mods, the bike is a whole new animal. Amazing the how much the throttle response has changed. No popping when letting off the gas now either. Any questions, dont be afraid to ask. I will try and help. Hard to find info on the older DR 650.
  7. XCR583

    Pingle Petcock

    Ya, its nice being able to turn it off now and know that its not going to leak. Thanks!!
  8. XCR583

    Pingle Petcock

    I got a Pingle Petcock for my 93 DR 650. What do I do with the vacuum line that came off the top of the carb that went to the stock crappy petcock? Do I just block this off?
  9. XCR583

    Clutch drag.. normal?

    2 Wheels, thanks for the link. Looks like a lot of good info!!
  10. XCR583

    Gas Tank??

    Thanks for the info guys!!
  11. XCR583

    Gas Tank??

    I have a 93 DR650. I have a leak in the tank. Not sure where for sure but its not at the petcock. I would like to buy a Acerbis plastic tank, but I cant find anyone that has one it stock. Acerbis is moving and they said it would be a couple weeks before they would ship more out. Any ideas on where to look for one? My brother bought an XR last night so now I have someone to ride with and would like to get mine back together. Has anyone tried rubberizing the inside of their tanks? Howd this work? Did it hold up? Will it stop a slow leak? WHo did it for you or where did you get the stuff to do it? Thanks!!
  12. XCR583

    2001 Dr 650

    IdahoJim was correct!! 01 XR 650 dirt edition with a conversion. He bought it. SOunded really healthy. Hes rode my DR and said this had a lot more power, so I guess I need to get busy and get the mods done to mine. Guy was actually very knowledgable, the paper had it listed wrong.
  13. XCR583

    2001 Dr 650

    I am thinking the guy dont know what he is talking about, because he is also saying its liquid cooled. My 93 has an oil cooler, does the 01 have this also? Maybe thats what he sees and is thinking its liquid cooled. He is asking $2900 I think my brother said. Thanks for the responses guys!!
  14. XCR583

    2001 Dr 650

    Me getting my older DR has gotten my brother interested in getting a DR. We are going to look at a 01 DR 650 on Sunday. The guy is telling him it has an aluminum frame and that he converted it over to being street legal. Did they sell the 650 as an off road model? Could it have an aluminum frame? Anything to look for when we look at it Sunday? Supposedly it didnt have a speedometer, he has put one on for inspection but takes it off shortly after inspection, so no idea how many miles are on it either. Whats a good price?
  15. XCR583

    Dead DR 650...HELP

    I too have a 93. I pulled both plugs out and laid them on the head, making sure that they were touching the block to ground out, had the wife watch to see if there was spark and I kicked the bike over. You could even have the wife kick it over, wont be any compression because both plugs are out. KEY is having the plugs grounded to the motor so you dont get shocked. Have you done any mods to yours? Airbox, jet kit or anything?