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    nedd a couple 04 rmz specs quick!!!

    im putting the head back together on my 04 rmz250 and i need a couple specs. head bolt torque, cam carrier/cap torque, and most importantly valve clearances. any info as soon as someone sees this would be greatly apreciated. i know i am an idiot for not having a manual...its not here yet.
  2. I have an 04 RMZ 250 with a full big gun race system. The track i ride at requires us to be under 94 decibles and unfortunately the bike didnt come with the stock system. It ran great with the big gun system until i put the vortex quiet insert in there. has anyone ran into this...any suggestions as far as jetting. i will test and tune until i get it, just wondering if anyone has done it yet so i get can get a base to start at. im in western NY, i will look up my elevation to help with any suggestions. The bike also seems to bog at take - off. i dont know if this would be related or not. any help with this would be much appreciated! thanks