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  1. Ironman plus baja pits and other associated costs i planned on having at least $2000 saved up for this race.
  2. I'm sure you'll just go out and dump your bike. I'm saving you the heartache.
  3. Buy as much as you want FROM Utah. I won't have to deliver that. try our liquor and coffee:smirk: I know. I've been doing it for 20 years now. All these long hours keep the toys in my garage.
  4. Coming from a UPS driver working 12-13 HR days. Enough with the last minute online ordering:cry:
  5. A bib should easily last you on V2R and then some. Get one and do a couple rides, but they shouldn't feel much different than a tube. As for tools, what i did was took a look at what i use when i service the bike and purchased smaller, lighter versions. Here is whats in my hip pack. And i would recommend carrying tools on you and not the bike. Stubby open end wrenches 8mm 10mm 12mm 13mm, a Leatherman or multitool, an adjustable wrench for the larger bolts (probably overkill but i'd rather have it than not), compact socket set/screwdriver bits with the afore mentioned socket sizes, various allen wrenches (check the bike for the sizes you use most), zip ties, matches, an Altoid tin with various nuts and bolts, another Altoid tin with a small length of chain and a couple master links, chain tool, a tube of aluminum Quiksteel, and on that tube i wrap a good length of duct tape at one end, electrical tape at the other, and a bit of safety wire in the middle. I also take a few various size rubber bands cut from old tubes. In my pack now i also carry items to change/fix a flat, front tube, tire irons, C02 pump w/cartridges, patches and glue, but that is weight that can be eliminated with bibs. As for the airbox, if your bike is running well and has the power you want leave it. Mine was cut by the previous owner and it gets slightly dirtier faster.
  6. Sounds like you may have received the wrong size. They make an 80 and a 90/100. You probably got the 80. They should be equivalent to a 13-16psi tire. My riding buddy was still running his front bib until about a month ago that he used in the 2010 Baja. At least tubliss is working for you.
  7. Why? The 650 was probably pushing it for the bib. Weight, speed....
  8. I'll be there. Going to attempt a solo run. I figure i have a few months of training to get ready but here in utah its getting cold. We're going out tomorrow to ride with a forecast of 33 deg and 30% chance of snow. I'm going to hit the Parker 250 in Jan. to start my racing year. As for modifications i think the most important things are; suspension and rider comfort. Get your suspension done and get your bike set up for the best comfort while on the pegs, this includes a steering dampener. The key to a race like V2R is being able to ride smooth with as little energy as possible. If you find your pace and the bike is set up you can ride and ride and ride.... I would also run bibs, instead of tubes and buy or borrow an extra set of wheels ready to go with rubber. As for tires, and this is just my 2 cents, i recommend the Maxxis Desert IT or the Bridgstone Gritty ED78 for the rear and the Dunlop MX71 up front. Get an HID light which also means a rewound stator, and possibly a helmet light or two, a couple extra filters and a good pit crew. And try to get some sponsor support. I'm working on getting some sponsorship myself. So far i've got MX1West and Lone Peak Packs Mostly geared towards bicycle panniers but they also make some great hydration and fanny packs which i use.
  9. Run grapeseed oil in both sides. Higher flash point. :-) Without re-valving and re-springing all you can do is just ride it and experiment. Take a couple hours and a screwdriver and run through a section of terrain, with full gear, that has a little of everything if possible,( I know that's really impossible) over and over. Make one adjustment at a time meaning don't adjust comp. and rebound the same run. Adjusting the forks can make the rear feel different and vise versa Try and get the bike as balanced as you can.
  10. Yeah when i think about my riding buddies and the $1200 they spent for superplush to do there KTM's front and back, $250 doesn't sound that bad. Especially if i like it. And if i don't ill keep taking it back until i do.
  11. I was a little surprised at the price but if it works good then no problem. Plus if I don't like it they said bring it back at no charge.
  12. WOW a lot? or WOW cheap?
  13. Got my shock back today and my local builder went through it and revalved it. He said for starters it had too much oil and was shimmed too stiff. He changed things up added the correct oil and $250 later i hope i have a better feeling shock. Between the revalve and the new top bearing i was able to get my sag measurements a lot closer. Ill give it a good thrashing this weekend and see:ride:
  14. I love this. Can we talk about what the best spark plug is? Or dare i suggest a coolant topic.
  15. Give me a couple days to get my shock back and see what was found. I'm also having the top shock bearing replaced which factory connection pointed out can affect measurements.