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  1. tree54

    Air Screw On Carb

    Does the o-ring go up in the hole where the air screw goes , or does it stay out ?I have tried to put it in the carb , but it seems to be to big. I have heard it will fall out. Just trying to keep it from falling out while riding. THANKS FOR ANY HELP.
  2. tree54

    Ready Filter

    I have used ready filters since they came out , I have had no problems with them. they have worked get for me.
  3. what kind of gain did it give the bottom to mid ? i ride mostly super cross style tracks .
  4. just bought a 250f looking to buy a system , looking for a pipe that has good gains , for the whole power curve ?
  5. tree54

    klotz oil?

    i have used the 2 stroke oil and had good luck , just bought a 250f . so i was wondering about the 4 stroke oil my self ?
  6. get up on the front of the bike , and land with the gas on it will pull you back straight