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  1. UK500

    Cornering on new KX 450

    It helps if you act like you're carrying the frontend out of the turn. Take a little more speed than usual into the turn and stay up (As in standing) longer than you're use to. The bike favors the square and blast approach.
  2. UK500

    Thanks Kawasaki!!!!

    Interesting! When we had a problem with one of our team's 2006 bikes not performing as well as the 2005 bikes it was Manny(teamgreen) that recommended using a collection of the 2006 and 2005 parts and changing to a new piston. We're on the other side of the pond (England) and our availability for pistons and such is slow for a new model. Manny recommended a Wiseco piston and gave us specific information on the differences between the alloys in it and the stock piston and a Mahle. Now he's havin' a spat with a gentleman from Wiseco that would tell us that he (Manny) doesn't know what he's talking about? It should be noted that he was a "Mule" in the 1980s and 90s and tested these very items. No matter. Let the party go on. He gives us bloody hell about our 2006 team all the day and he deserves a good thrashing! I hope he does not read this before I go back. He can be quite the clown when he wants to get even. When he rode Hondas in the day, he was even worse!
  3. UK500

    The Current "Dirt-Rider" and the KX450F...

    Moto, I'm goin' to Vegas for "Work"...you wanna go? I'll have a pass for you if you do. p.m. me. This is per "teamgreen", Manny.
  4. UK500

    Black Excels

    I'll be ridin' this set-up at Hollister tomorrow!
  5. UK500

    KDX220 and harescrambles

    Your KDX is geared better and has a higher top speed then most 250 mx bikes. The 220 is vastly superior for most off-roading.
  6. UK500

    2003 KDX 220 Mods

    Jeff Fredette has KDX pixie dust or something. The man is a genius, a nice guy, a fantastic rider, the King of the KDX and he's got some of the finest bits for your friends bike. A better chain. Pro-Tapers/Fat-Bars w/ protectors (Fredette runs some realy neat blue pieces) Suspension Service/Rebuild FMF Gnarly/S-A Michelins Bibs As much skidplate as you can find Ride it til the gas is gone Cheers
  7. UK500

    What bike to get?

    If you have the extra dollars, an SM model retro-fitted with 21-18 or 20-18 would be the best bike. Nevermind the four pounds. Take a look at those forks and the better bits (Swingarm). You can get a deal on them, too. Cheers
  8. It must be a conspiracy. Quite funny actually. You have no idea how many factory race teams run auto oil. In europe there are many oils that are rebranded from auto to cycle. The most important issue is to change your oil often and use a good oil that will hold up to the hi internal pressures of these engines. Clean oil is extremely important on the uni cam hondas.
  9. UK500

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    Teflon. Helps keep the sticky bits off when things get dirty inside.
  10. UK500

    Thinking about KX450F

    Might I suggest the KX250F. You can get more off-road/trailing in on one of those with less kit and refitment.
  11. UK500

    Whats up with the handle bars???

    Applied Racing's "Solid-Top".
  12. UK500

    air box screen

    It's not hurting anything. Leave it be. Spend some time and testing on your suspension.
  13. UK500

    06 TE610 Radiator Guards

    I would recommend a reputable fabricator. They should be able to manufacture something for you for less than $100 Aussie.
  14. UK500

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    Also, you will need extra-external oil supplies.
  15. UK500

    Husky goes to Dakar '07!

    Spares, spares and more SPARES! Get in touch with Michelin in South Carolina. I think the Motorcycle/Off-Road rep's can get the Dakar tyres. You will need to spend some time learning their peculiarities. Best of Luck.