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  1. hey I am a newbie -- send me a parts list and give me a idea on how to do the conversion to cdi -- i agree with you , i would think it only makes sense to go to a cdi set up -- i am sure it would be more realiable if you see one on ebay -- send me the link or if there is an aftermarket kit with instructions let me know -- give me an idea on how to go about it I really appreciate everybody help -- i have enjoyed fixing this bike up for my son -- it has been a bit frustrating at times but fun -- I have learned alot -- I always wanted a bike when i grew up but never got one so i have was glad when my son became interested
  2. new piston and rings have been installed
  3. Hi -- thanks for all the info here what I got before I read your post __ i changed the condenser but guess what the bike seems to be running fine the last two times I have had it out -- i changed the condenser but the bike worked the day before I changed it so I am not sure why it is working -- actually the day before it would not start but I pushed started it to get going -- once it started it worked fine -- why is it working I do not know could it have been a stuck float in the carb or something plugged up ... I have checked the tank for junk, the petcock and it flows fine, the carb has just been put on the bike maybe it is a intermitant coil issue -- not sure -- going to have to wait until it acts up again -- both days it worked the whether was cool so maybe that has some bearing ... the days it was not working it was warmer outside but the engine would got just as hot both days ... the bike before this last two times always quit after about 4 laps of a field and the motor was hot any comments thank again to everyone for the help
  4. Well guys took it out tonight -- could not get it started until we pushed it and let out the clutch in first gear it went 20 times around the field and did not quit ---last time it would start no problem and only go 4 times around and quit -- getting fustrated checked spark ok , cock ball ok carb ok here are my thoughts -- maybe condenser would it cause this eratic behaviour or do you thick it is the magneto or points -- anybody have an opinion -- ran great once we got it going but it would not start until we pushed it and let out the clutch 1 have a new condensor so i am going to change it tomorrow -- could this cause the problems ??? points seem ok but wjho knows -- give me some hope and guidance
  5. I am a newbie -- can you give me a web link that shows me all the things i need to convert a xr 80 points system to cdi -- i am leaning towards coil, the previous onwer says he installed a new "magneto" about 3 years ago will do some checking today and report back thank you - thank you - to all so far helping -- it is appreciated
  6. 1994 xr80r ( all xr80's between 1987-1999 model# pc20B main jet# - normal is 95 - high altitude is 90 slow jet# is 35 initial air screw opening --- normal 1 3/4 turns - for high altitude 2 3/4 turns needle jet cilp position from the tp is 2nd groove float level is 21.5 mm (0.85 in) idle speed 1,500 +/- 100 rpm source Cymer manual xl/xr75-100 for bikes 1975-2003 -- great book read my issue robbie999 post -- sounds like your issue a bit -- give me your opinion hope this helps
  7. hi all: NorCal620 you mentioned that a 1990 xr80 had a CDI -- mine only has a ignition coil, and condenser mounted under the seat and a contact breaker alternator .. i may be confused as i am new at this but i know it does not have a cdi -- xr80's from 1993 on on did have CDI checked the gas vent on the top of the gas tank lid and air gas be blown through the tube so it no clogged one thing i have noticed is the bike had carb model#pc20b b DLI on it but the guy who put in the piston and rings installed a differnt carb for me pc20a -- not sure if the difference in model#'s makes a difference --does anybody know ?? The guy who did the piston and rings is a bike mechanic and I am pretty confident the new piston and rings would have been done correctly -- one other point when the bike stops after getting hot -- the spark plug is not wet and it is light tan in colour -- so the plug is not fouling the theory of fuel starvation is not a bad one but i am leaning towards electrical...The cylmer books says for engine loses power the following : carburetor incorrectly adjusted, engine over heating,incorrect spark plg gap, weak ignition coil faulty contact reaker obstructed muffler and dragging breaks -- does nyone know the defference between the carb models
  8. Thanks everyone --- i wioll look at all of your suggestions also -- does anyone think it could be a weak ignition coil ??? or timing ??? what does everyone think of that giving the symptoms ?? your help is more than appreciated
  9. will check the tube but I think it according to my son and from what i can see is He rides the bike, once the bike warms up it starts giving him problems -- he drives around the field ( 2 -3 times) and then he starts losing power and then sputters to a stop then the bike won't start ( check plug not fouled) once the bike cools down ( say leave it 5 minutes it will start up and go for a short distance then craps out again) if we leave the bike until it is cold -- it will start up perfect but as soon as the bike gets hot about 5-10 minutes of riding it loses power and then stops Please if anybody has an idea, please let me know-- I appreciate it -- my son is very disappointed and I would like to fix it for him --he just bought the bike
  10. the saga continues -- Really need help as my son is really disappointed -- purchased 1990 xr80 --- getting it fixed up but ...... here is what i have done so far: I have put in new piston and rings new carb - carb set up properly (bikes has been a nightmare -- any help is appreciated) Here is the issue ------------------- The bike starts and runs well -- we take it for a rip and it goes 3 times around a large field and then it quits -- ten it just starts sputtering while riding and then comes to a stop -- it seems once the engine warms up it dies out ** please help** Here is what I know: ------------------- choke not coming on while riding -- stays in the right position plug is not fouled -- light tan colour checked spark before starting - lots of spark on a cold engine right plug is in bike for a 1990 xr80 checked points seem to open fine - bike mechanic checked them and said they seemed ok
  11. I am in process of looking into trying to figure out if it worth it or not -- our 1990 is running good now so maybe i should not mess with it .. I have asked a few people and nobody has been able to give me a complete list of what parts are needed,the amount of time it will take, how difficult the conversion is or the cost
  12. Hi-- i have a 1990 xr 80 with points --- do you have any idea how much it would cost to do the conversion ??? - I noticed a few posts ago this website was given -is this the stuff you need to do the conversion ??? http://www.kitaco.co.jp/english/catalog/mini4st/electric/751-1018200.html
  13. Thanks for your reply -- I am new at this so any help is appreciated well i just got back from giving the bike for a test drive --- last night I sprayed a carb cleaner in ( RED Stallion) -- used near 3/4 of a can -- the person who told me to do this said leave it over night inside the muffler and and then drain the muffler in the morning. I reattached the muffler today and you would not believe the stuff that came out. ( not to mention the smoke from the cleaner burning off We took it for a good hard ride tonight, with the " clean out" off the back of the muffler as you recommended ... big cloud of smoke for about 15 minutes came out the back i took the plug out after the ride and it was normal ( light tan colour) and the bike sounds normal ... before I cleaned the muffler the bike sounded bad and after about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes the bike would be hard to start and the plug had heavy black ( dry) carb on it ... so I would say the clean out worked and did the trick
  14. Hi All -- i am fixing up a 1990 Honda xr 80 for my son 1) my muffler seems plugged up and is making a funny sound -- if plugged - could this cause heavy black carbon deposits on the plug -- I am pretty confident that the carburetor is set up right but I am still getting this heavy dry( not wet) black carbon on the plug --- the bike has new rings and piston 2) what steps would you take to clean out the muffler -- I have put carb type cleaner in tonight and let in sit over night -- will this work 3_ any suggestions other than buying a new muffler to clean hope these aren't stupid questions -- ut i am learning lots thanks to anybody who helps
  15. before the work was done if ran very bad -- the bike would run but within a few minutes the plugs were completly fouled and they were wet ... when i purchased the bike the air filter was missing so it ran a bit but would foul up after a short time -- as soon as I re-applied the air filter I was getting blue smoke and the plugs would foul up with in minutes .. it was a real mess -- now it runs but i get this black dry fouling on the plugs