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  1. kilgore trout

    Enoree closed today...

    Is the single track posted? If so where is it? Plan on heading down tomorrow.
  2. kilgore trout

    best place for riding gear

    Rockymountainatvmc.com is very good. Motosport.com is also good. BikeBandit.com is ok. www.ktmcyclehutt.com is excellent if you ride orange. Whatever you do, stay away from RideGear. Your lucky if they ship your order within 2 weeks. And just forget about it if you have to use their customer service (the worst online customer service, bar none). They would be better off selling wireless phone plans.
  3. kilgore trout

    Why do quads get more?

    Well said.
  4. Just saw a similiar thread on ktm talk. You may want to get rid of the check valve gas tank vent. They don't allow the pressure in the tank to escape.
  5. kilgore trout

    How long for the AMA to stop smokers GNCC?

    Sorry to continue this off topic, but what was most impressive was that he was 4 to come through on the first lap.
  6. kilgore trout

    show me your handguards....

    The acerbis guards seem to catch more trees in the tight stuff compared to the moose handguards. I think this may be due to the fact that the aceribis guardsstick further out from the end of the handlebars, where the moose (EE) guards curve in from the end of the handlebars.
  7. kilgore trout

    Got a speeding ticket in NC and ????

    Normally less than 10 mph over is only points on your license not your insuranace in NC. I would suggest just mailing in the fine to the address on the back of the ticket and leaving it be. He did you a favor by reducing it.
  8. kilgore trout

    Which Pirelli?

    Does anyone know how the Scorpion Pro (MT83) compares to the MT32 for the front?
  9. Pray If you can grap hold of a piece of the bolt with a pair of vise grips (needle nose type is best) then you may be able to back it out. Or else you can try a small drill bit and an EZ out. If you don't drill the hole in the center then you may have some problems. Good Luck
  10. kilgore trout

    12 year old's yz250f ?

    You may want to consider the wr 250 or 250x. If the valves go, expect to pay $500+ and that doesn't include the piston. The 125 pinger with a 8 or 10oz flywheel weight would be the best choice though. I think this would be the logical choice from the ttr125 to continue his development at riding. At his weight you will need to look at new springs on any bike to get the bike properly set up
  11. kilgore trout

    ordering gear

    ThumperTalk has a good store they just use the tucker rocky catalog. You may also want to check the following: www.rockymountainatvmc.com www.motosport.com www.bikebandit.com I have ordered from all 3 with very good results.
  12. kilgore trout

    ordering gear

    I would think twice before ordering from RideGear. I just had a bad experience. I ordered a pair of boots on January 6. I called them on January 15 asking where my shipment was. They said that they were going to be shipping out that day and that the boots would arrive in 5 to 8 days. I asked to get 3 day delivery due to tearing several buckles off my other boots last week, I had to pay ~$20 for 3 day shipping (probably should of argued more but i needed the boots to ride today). RideGear sent me no emails updating the status of my order and the website gave no option to check the status of the order. I checked on Nextag.com and saw that RideGear has a very poor rating and saw a recent review with a very similiar experience from another customer. Knowing the difficulty of shipping to Canada from the US, i would consider that you may get no real help from the poor RideGear customer service. RideGear get a big from me.
  13. kilgore trout

    How to heat a cold workspace?

    I use a kerosene heater in the garage.
  14. kilgore trout

    Chain lube -- what are you using??

    WD-40 contains silicone. Silicone is often used as a lubricant.