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  1. Mork

    Japan national champ pics

    Thanks for a very interesting post.
  2. Mork

    Electricross Drift

    While researching electric bikes I learned that there is a new type of lithium battery coming on the market. LiFeP04. It is half the weight, and three times the power. It can be recharged up to 2000 times, is nontoxic, will not start itself on fire, and will eventually be less expensive to make!!!!! Sounds too good to be true. If it is true, then I think we will soon see the era of the electric vehicle begin.
  3. Mork

    Electricross Drift

    For more info www.gizmag.com/go/4083/ -29k- For a better price on the AC-MOTARD www.electricmotorsports.com
  4. Mork

    Electricross Drift

    Thanks for a very interesting post Bobby! Prior to this I was unaware of electric motorcycles. You are a pioneer. You are supporting, and enjoying a new approach. Electric vehicles could free us from: sending mountains of money to people who hate us, increasing air pollution, and stopping at crime ridden gas stations. I don't mind the sound of a gas engine, but I would prefer silence. I'm interested in the Thunder Struck Motors AC-Motard. The two main concerns are the price, ($7200) and the range, 15 to 20 miles. In a world where KLR 650s are $5000 new, I don't see why an electric bike is $7200. I have sent an e-mail to Thunder Struck Motors, so maybe they will explain the price to me. I'm also concerned about service. The bikes are made in Calif, and I doubt I could get any help locally. My Dad says that electric motors last a long time, but this application is new. Your posts have taught me that batteries are expensive. I wonder how long they will last in a bike. Selling an electric bike could take a long time, and the ave person would not even consider it inless the price was more like $1000. The more I consider the down sides, the more I admire your courage. I hope your Drift is reliable, and enjoyable for many years to come. Maybe someday it can be fitted with a fuel cell that will allow you enough range to ride all your favorite trails.
  5. Mork

    2006 Gas Gas 450 Fse

    Is the Gas Gas 450 FSE street legal? I just spent the last 30 min all over the web, and could not answer that question for my self. I did find a new 05 at Halls in Il for $6,000. So RE $5,000 for an 06, that sounds pretty good.
  6. Mork

    New BMW Enduro Models

    The motor is made by Rotax, it is a reworked version of the 650 motor that BMW has been using for years. The bikes are assembled by Aprilla, and are fuel injected. There is a 23 page thread on advrider.com I inspected the X Challenge at the Chicago IMS. It is impressive. It is also 318 LBS, and $9200 at my local dealer. I had a blast trail riding on a 250 LB bike last Jan; and I'm concerned that 68 extra LBS might make the bike a lot harder to handle on a trail at slow speeds. I picked up 70 LBS worth of dumbells at the gym a while back, and tried to imagine the effect that weight would have had if I added it to a 250 LB WR 450. It gave me a sinking feeling in my stomach. I'm strong enough to go hiking with heavy and clunky firefighting boots, but running shoes make the hike much more enjoyable. RE a trip to Alaska- there is a link in the advrider thread to the 07 Touratech catalog. About 20 pages of the catalog are dedicated to a bike trip from Canada to Baja Mex. One of the riders was on an X Challenge. The purpose of this Touratech sponsored trip was to test Touratech extras for the X Challenge.
  7. Mork

    SM to enduro conversion

    Thanks guys !
  8. A Husky dealer has indicated that he might be willing to deal on an 06 SM 450 and 510. They have been used for demos, and winter is right around the corner here in Wisconsin. He didn't want to talk on the phone; he suggested that I pay him a visit and ride the bikes. I'm impressed by a dealer that provides demo bikes! But I want a TE. Does anybody have any thoughts on converting a SM to a TE? Thanks
  9. Mork

    klr diesel.

    Diesel powered KLRs are currently in service with the Marines. I have been following the project for about a year. The engine is made by HDT in California. www.m1030.com The Marines like them so much that they have put in unexpected orders. The civilian version was saposeta be available in March of this year, but the extended production run for the Marines has put that on hold. This bike is reputed to get 102 miles per gallon at 55 mph !!!
  10. There are now two brand new 06 KLX 250s on e-bay. The new listing has a Buy It Now price of $3800 !!!!! Yesterday I called a dealer in Illinois about a 2000 KTM LC4 with 35 miles on it for $5600. It was sold, but they do have a new 06 KLX 250. I left the Auto & RV buyers guide at the firehouse, but I will get it later today and post their phone number. $3000 might seem like too low of an offer on the used KLX 250 with 700 miles and no warranty, but I think that a buyer needs to start low in order to have room to negotiate. A buyer also needs to be willing to walk away from a deal. There is no law that states a deal has to be completed in one visit. You plant the seed of a low offer and then wait to see what grows. The above would be condesending advice if it was unsolicited; but the guy who started this thread asked directly for advice on price, and then gave the impression that he was having trouble with the negotiation.
  11. Points taken XDrag Racer. Alright, I'm going to try again. I would not pay $4000 for an 06 KLX 250 with 750 miles on it. I would tell that dealer "who dosen't sell Kawasakis" that there is currently a new 06 KLX 250, with a full warranty, on E-Bay, for $4399, and that there has been a string of 06 KLX 250s on E-Bay all summer long. Finding an 06 KLX 250 is not a problem for a patient man. I like the convience of avoiding the shipping hassel, but the unknown history of this bike, and the lack of a warranty means that it is only worth $3000 to me. The dealer will protest mightly; at which point I would offer my phone number and leave. There is probably only a 30% chance that he will call, but that's not a problem because there really has been a string of KLX 250s on e-bay all summer long. Remember the tricked out KLX 250 ? I found my notes on it. Race Tech Gold valves $160, Mikuni carb $400, Pro Circuit T-4 pipe $375, hand guards $60, skid plate $70, Kenda tires $70 each, radiator braces $70. $1255 in extras, and his starting bid was $3800, and he did not get a single bid ! I watched similar things happen when I was selling my Harley last fall. I bet that the KLX 250 on e-bay right now will not get a single bid. Times are scary and tough. It's a buyer's market for houses, and motorcycles. "The stock of unsold homes reached its highest level since 1993." The Aug 26th THE ECONOMIST
  12. The Colorado trip with www.motoventures.com was canceled, and I still don't have a bike. I rode a Yamaha WR 250, and WR 450 when I took lessons with motoventures, and by the way, it was the most fun that I have ever had on a motorcycle !!! If the WR 450 was street legal I would buy one tomorrow. But I can't justify a dirt only bike. The DS rides in Wisconsin all require a st legal bike, and I think that it would be a good idea to have a back up for my old van. It's in the shop today as a matter of coincidental fact. I like the Huskys, but the closest dealer is a 2 hour drive away. I have also been anxiously awaiting the st legal 2007 KTM 525 EXC. But if internet rumors of $8300 turn out to be true I'm not sure I'll get one. I might just ride a motoventures bike on one of their future tours, and buy a used DR 650 for putting around Wisconsin.
  13. Just a couple more things that came to mind immediatly after the last post. The first owner of the KLX 250 in question also put a high performance exhaust on the bike. I was very interested in this bike! I estimated the value of the extras to be $1255. $1255 + a blue book value of $3710=$4965, but the guy was asking $3800 !!! I called my dirt bike sensay and asked him if this tricked out KLX 250 would be powerful enough for the Colorado trip that I was planning to take with him. He told me that the KLX 250 would not be powerful enough because of the elevations that we would be traveling through, and my 200 lb weight.
  14. I have never ridden a KLX 250. My impression of it being underpowered for a grown man with past motorcycle experience was based on the hours of reading that I have done on the internet, and a phone conversation with a guy who was selling a KLX 250. I am sorry for starting a fight between Drag Racer and Bill P. They are both correct in their assessments of me. I was just trying to help the guy who started the thread by giving him all the info I had. RE the KLX 250 that was being sold by the second owner- I spoke with the second owner on the phone, and he related the following. The first owner was the owner of the local bike shop. He had put a lot of work into the bike, pumper carb, better valves in the shocks, better tires, bigger gas tank, etc, but still did not like it. Owner number two liked the idea of the extras, but after riding the 250 for a while decided to stick with his KLX 400. These are things that I should have put in my initial post. In the further interest of objectivity, I will add that the author of the KLX 250 thread on advrider.com is very happy with his bike.
  15. There were several 06 KLX 250s on E-Bay a month or so ago. One of them was being sold by it's second owner. The fact that this bike had turned off two guys in 700 miles was a red flag for me. There is a long and detailed KLX 250 thread on advrider.com My impression is that the bike is underpowered for a grown man with past motorcycle experience.