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    what the

    Now thats a problem I have not seen or heard of. Very well could be a cause to the oil consumption of the beast most everybody seems to be aware of , or I least I hope so. Cut your oil filters open and maybe we can confirm this problem without tearing the top end off prematurely. A cylinder leakdown procedure can tell you a lot and is easily done at the valve and TC adjustment PM interval.

    left intake most always the culprit?

    I believe it is an engineering oversight by the manufacturer, All the DOHC's seem to have less valve problems compared to the SOHC designs. Problem is you have 4 valve springs loading the bridge causing a side load every time the cam lobe depresses the bridge. Ineffect it can cause side loading against the guides and unseating and distortion of valves. GO RED!!

    what the

    If the timing of the cam(s) changed because of a timing chain jumping event(think about it, both cams would have not went out of time at the same time unless the it broke in two, doubtfully even one and the engine would not run). Rages machine was running just making a racket. Like I said it is critical to adjust the chain according to the manufacturers recommendation (per the service/owners manual). What do you win besides a reward.

    CRF 450X Bogging, Please Help

    Buy a DRZ400

    bought my first Suzuki.. the 450!

    Good man AIRTIME, after you ride your new ZOOK getting back on the Hondogs will be very hard. You will love your new slice and dicer!!

    Rmz450 burning oil

    Hey RMZ pegger, my RMZ450 burns oil two just like my ole 70's vintage 2 strokers. I have a '74 TM400 and as soon as I get it finished, I intend to drag race a DRZ400K2,RMZ450K5 and the Cyclone with three different riders and find out who is the baddest Zook. I will post the results as soon as we find out. The older I get the FASTER I used to be.

    Blue Smoke

    Bigredd is talking sense here. My '05 RMZ 450 just started blue smoking last year. Probably have 60+ hrs. This engine is designed for all out. It only has a 2 ring piston i'm sure you know. And it is a short profile unit and requires more maintenance than say like a DRZ. I wish sometimes I kept my DRZ kicker. Sold it to my buddy when I bought the RMZ and I can tell you it is a toss up at a 2000' drag race down my airstrip.

    what the

    10-4. I wonder what the mechanic (parts hanger) really works on, the bike or the customer.

    CRF450X Motor noise

    Could the noise be the timing chain? Needs adjustment

    Valves on the 450X (like 250X?)

    RPM's extended or not should not have a bearing on valve train reliability if the materials used in the components are up to the task (factory). Lets look at the difference between a SOHC vs a DOHC engine. Seems to me that the DOHC's have less problems with 4 or 5 valves then the same with a SOHC. Could it be flawed geometry (engineering) oversight. To much pressure on the bridge because of the 4 valve springs causes the mechanism (bridge) to side load the valves causing excessive guide wear and unseating and distortion of the valves. With a DOHC that is eliminated. GO RED

    what the

    10-4. First of all I hope the valves hit the seats, if not you would have little or very little compression. Then that would mean valve(s) are distorted (pulled up). If the valve timing is out it could cause interference but the engine would not run very long, bent valves no compression. If the valve(s) are not seating the valve lash would be very tight if any at all. Check your valve lash first, then check your timing. Cut your oil filter open next, bottom end problems and possible interference would show up here. See if the material (if any) is ferrous or not. Go from there. If it is interference will probably see signs once the cap (cyl. head) is removed. You really need to adjust the TC according to the manufacturer, it can make a racket if you don't.

    waste of money uprades for the 150/230

    I would suggest you save your money and sell the Hondog and buy a real bike like a DRZ.

    Possibly changing over to Honda..good deal?

    Watch out for the chronic Honda valve problems. They can't beat Yamaha or Suzuki for engine longevity. Might consider a DRZ, alot better choice and a better handling machine.

    DRZ400 vs. XR650R

    I would have to say after owning a DRZ400K2 which had a 12.2:1 motor and have ridden with the L & R Hondogs. The Zook will out handle either one hands down. The '02 K Zook has a top end kick that the Hondogs only wish they had. Buy the Zook. Sold the DRZ and have the baddest Zooks ever, the TM400 Cyclone and a RMZ450K5 bring it on you Hondogs.

    My new RM-Z450

    IT'S AN AWESOME BIKE, the best bike I have ever owned (14 bikes) with over 34 years of racing and riding experience. Just check your fasteners and the timing chain periodically and keep the sunny side up.