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  1. Once a Knight

    2006 DR-Z400 'S VS 'SM alternator size...

    Thanks BOB! Walt
  2. Thinking about a 525 EXC. 1. What kind of riding do you do on your '525? (% of off/on road) 2. How often do you ride? 3. How often do you change the oil? 4. How often do you adjust the valves? 5. Level of experience. Begineer, Average, Advanced, Insane (not sure on the order of the last two.) What else? Thanks, Walt
  3. Perhaps you're concerned about draining the battery if the fan continues to run after the engine is switched off? Another member provided this link regarding this subject: POSSIBLE CONCERN FOR FAN SWITCH The article also discusses an oil cooler for relatively long periods at, consistent, high speed, paved roads. Walt
  4. Once a Knight

    New to off-road. Forget the DR-Z...

    I just so use to large bikes and power. I road the DR-Z400S, they didn't have the 'E prep'd. The digital instruments are very nice. Considering the price it's a deal! However, it seemed to lack the instantaneous response I would want for the woods. Though I was able to run the bike to a stand-still and maintain balance very well and maneuver slowly, the throttle response feedback lagged such that it may be an issue on more difficult obstacles where it might be needed. I also think the 6th gear would be handy for long stretches. DZ-R' is a 5. The DZ-R's have good track record's and ton's of aftermarket stuff. A well respected bike. I'm afraid that I'd buy a DR-Z then wish I had the 'EXC. I tend to push the edge a bit. Not often but it would be nice to have the power there. I'm test driving the 'EXC this week I'll be able to tell more then. Thanks for your valuable input! Walt
  5. Once a Knight

    New to off-road. Forget the DR-Z...

    Wise word's indeed! I'm good enough with mechanics and the such. But, I've heard this about the KTM's. But why so much frequent maintenance? Are they canned oil-filters? The air-filter is easy I hear? The valve job - well I've had liter + bikes and never did one. Though, it couldn't be that time consuming for a single cylinder. Could it? Thanks for the great advice Charlie - Walt
  6. I started looking for an off-road bike to compliment my tourer. I don't have much off-road experience so I started looking at the klx250s then was guided over to the dr-z400s/e. Now I am looking at the 525 exc, especially after reading the write-up's in the April '06 issue of Dirt Bike. Looks like it might be best and wait until 2007 for the (probable?) "dual-purpose version? Looks like the current, enduro, version, requires an additional $450 or more to get it street legal. (?) Anyone know the power output from this bike's current alternator? And, would the, proposed, 2007, D.P. need more juice to handle the street bulb's and instrument's? KTM seems to blow away all the competition. But, its seems that if ya wait 5 minutes something else comes along! Just like the weather here in Grand Rapids, Michigan! LOL Walt
  7. Once a Knight

    KTM 520 exc Wont Start!

    What's the stock alternator output?
  8. Once a Knight

    Going to Arizona ... which bike ... ?

    harjp1959 ~ Thanks buddy! I'll get on that! Yeah, the 'SM is out. Now, as you know, it's the 'S or 'E. The issue I have with the 'E is - if it's "plated" in one state does it make it ok to use in any state? Probably - right? You really like the "'E to street" avenue! Must be the best way to go because of the weight mainly and the kicker - right? Have you been following any of my posts on the DRZ400 forum? Thanks again ~ Walt BTW: This post was more fun than serious. - as I think you know. Good clean fun! Right?
  9. Once a Knight

    Going to Arizona ... which bike ... ?

    Just checking! Thanks harjp1959 Walt
  10. Once a Knight

    Going to Arizona ... which bike ... ?

    Really? Where? I'll read them! Thanks man!
  11. I'm heading to Phoenix via Colorado from Illinois to visit my God daughter. It's been put off until September for the moment. I think she said 1800mi for Illinois? I have the choice to ride one of three bikes: '05 Tiger '06 Suzuki, DR-Z400S '01 Trophy Which one? Walt
  12. Once a Knight

    Anyone had Lasik?

    Right - so the best way to find out how much experience the Dr has is to call as many as possible? Or, is there a list out there? Or, did someone post how to find one on this thread and I missed seeing it??? Pun intended!
  13. Once a Knight

    What's the farthest you've driven your DRZ...

    Dano540 - Was that you in the pictures on your '400S? would you take the Husky next time? Thanks for sharing the experience! Walt
  14. Once a Knight

    What's the farthest you've driven your DRZ...

    Bryank - Great cause to ride for! I see Gary Graham's pictures is that your real name? Are you listed there as BryanK? How long was that channel of water he drove through? Is that a stock DR-Z400 E or S/ Look's like an 'E. Thanks for sharing those! Walt
  15. Once a Knight

    Anyone had Lasik?

    Kinda curious what age each of you had your surgery done? What were your symptom's?