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  1. Thinking about buying a White Brothers R-4 slip on for my bike, anyone out there with previous experience with these. I will still be running the stock head pipe. Performance, DB level?
  2. Good point, but since I have never ridden the bike WR timed, is there a low end hit only when timed WR and no mid range or what are the differences.
  3. I did see this link on some thread somewhere in thmper land but was not sure if all the mods applied. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hello everyone I have an 02' Wr426 I have owned for a year or so upgrading from a 02' DRZ400s but I am having trouble finding out what the free and not so free mods are that I can do to it. I trail ride woods here in MI and like the low end power although I was told it was YZ timed when I bought it, I think I would prefer the low end power and "Hit" I here people talking about here on the site in the WR timing setup. Pro/Cons? Please rattle me off a list of Mods and projects for this WR.Thanks Everone