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  1. Need to get my bike registered in a TX and need some rear turn signals. Anybody have some laying around?
  2. Maat

    Headlight in the trees...

    Any updates on adjusting the SM610 headlight???? Mine is also blinding birds as I ride by.
  3. I'm going to be picking up the Distanzia's for my next set of tires. I road dirt and ice on the 208's, what do you need knobbies for
  4. Maat

    Your 610 and the seat horn tip

    I noticed the gap but haven't thought about messing with it. I'll have to throw on some washers.
  5. Sweet, that would be awesome. You got PM!
  6. I bought my bike as a race bike and the previous owner could not find the stock spark arrestor? Anybody have one laying around they are looking to get rid of? Thanks! M@
  7. Maat

    New to the Husky World!

    Thanks for the warm welcome. The first pic was at Clear Creek The second pic was from http://ohv.parks.ca.gov/default.asp?page_id=1179]Hollister Hills. Street tires and wheels definitely suck on the slick stuff, but are fine when you get some decent dirt. There were some mud puddles at Hollister and as soon as you hit them it was instant slippage, good times. Husky Products catalog would be killer, let's cross our fingers. Definitely seems like Husky is going getting some momentum, hopefully it doesn't stop! For top speed, I have had the bike up to 95 with room to go. I am actually doing my first track day at Infineon on Monday, so I should be able to really see what she can do out there!
  8. Hi fellow Husky riders. I picked up a SM610 about two months again and I'm loving it. Can't get enough of the goat trails, the track or the dirt! I happy with the setup of my bike but I am in the market for some TE wheels. When I bought the SM I had no clue how much I would love dirt and adventure riding. Do TE wheels ever come up for sale used? Here's a pic of the bike and one from a nice snow ride (my first dirt ride). Look forward to posting and reading all I can about the wonderful Husky.
  9. Maat

    New to the Site, new to me XR100

    Definitely not sneakers! They are white AXO boots. I broke my ankle wakeboarding last June and I'm never with out foot protection now. I had my first race yesterday and I won the beginner class. Barely beat out a rider on a TTR 125. Awesome race though. I can tell I need a little more to waken up the big bore. What order should I do the upgrades between Exhaust, intake, and carburetion mods?
  10. Maat

    New to the Site, new to me XR100

    Just snapped this pic today. I hope to get 17"s, but the bank account isn't liking that thought. Here's an animated shot from my first track day, it was pouring rain but still loads of fun.
  11. First post to the site, hola everyone. I picked up an xr100 about two weeks ago to race supermoto, first race tomorrow! The bike came with a works rear shock, bridgestones and I just put on a BBR big bore kit. Exhaust is probably the next step and then who knows. I'm sure I will have a lot of question as I start doing more mods. Great site and I look forward to joining the discusions.